The benefits of Chiropractic in Sports


The practice of a sport requires being in the best possible conditions so that the body can function at full capacity.

This is particularly known by those who practice sports regularly and professional athletes. For that reason, professional athletes, such as Olympic teams, NBA, NFL, MLB teams, in the United States tend to be under chiropractic care, both throughout the year with regular maintenance, and during injury rehabilitation, and even in the same competitions, where they are usually accompanied by the team’s Chiropractor.

Why should an athlete go to a Chiropractor?
Chiropractic care has different benefits in the athlete, since the practice of sport and regular training are generating different adaptations of the body that are not always positive on our body. Each sport and each training generates stress on the body, which must be handled periodically with chiropractic care, since otherwise it increases the risk of injury and decreases sports performance.

Due to the above, the athlete, both amateur and professional, should go to a Chiropractor for 3 reasons:

Treatment of sports injuries: Chiropractors are recognized for effective treatment in spine pain (low back pain and cervical pain), however, the benefits are not reduced to this alone. It has been shown that joint manipulation has positive effects in the treatment of various pathologies of the upper and lower limbs such as ankle sprains, knee pain, patellofemoral dysfunction, iliotibial band syndrome, shoulder pain, among many others, since manipulation decreases pain, improves range of motion and function.

Injury prevention: Reducing the risk of injury in athletes in a very complex task since this depends on many factors. However, from the biomechanical point of view, regular attention with the Chiropractor allows reducing factors such as muscle shortening, increased neural tension and restriction of joint movement, among other factors, which may be the cause of pathologies such as tears, contractures, tendinopathies, among others.

Improve performance: It is known that sports performance is something that depends on factors such as training, genetics, nutrition, psychological variables, as well as the function of the nervous system. Chiropractic has as its main axis the care of the spine and with it the function of the nervous system. Because of this, treatment through vertebral manipulation has demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Improve joint mobility
  • Improve muscle flexibility
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Increase the speed of some movements such as kicking in soccer
  • Improve balance
  • Improve muscle activation time

All these elements contribute to better performance in sport, less risk of injury and improvement in overall health.

In summary, it is essential that athletes, both professionals and those who practice sports regularly, can periodically visit since if the joints, particularly the spine, lose normal movement, the nervous system alters its function, which may be the origin of various inconveniences and problems of the sport. For this, the Chiropractor must know very well the Biomechanical characteristics of your sport to be able to prevent and treat your injuries in an effective and natural way, without drugs or side effects.

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