The Benefits Of Bamboo Towels Over Normal Cotton Towels

Towels can be made from different materials, and each of those materials have different capacities when it comes to drying out the moisture from your skin. Cotton towels have always been the consumers’ choice since it has been around for a long time already, and it has proven its usefulness. Other than being very affordable, it’s also easy to maintain and wash, and comes in different colors.

However, one of the most popular materials used in towels today are bamboos. Aside from being made from natural bamboo fibers, it has a lot of benefits not just for the person who uses it, but also for the environment. If you are looking for a towel made from bamboo, and you don’t know where or how to spot a legitimate one, you can browse some bamboo towel reviews online to start.

Benefits of Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are usually made of pure bamboo fibers, unlike cotton towels that can be mixed with other materials. Although it can also be blended with other types of cloth material, such as polyester and spandex, it’s quality will be affected, so most bamboo towels are made entirely out of its fibers.

It is a versatile and remarkable natural resource, which can also be used in cooking, transport, medicine, and construction. It can be an eco-friendly solution to a lot of people’s needs. Here are some of the benefits of bamboo towels:

  1. Silky and soft

Bamboo towels won’t send out an unfavorable smell when you use it for a long time, and it will not also become hard since it’s made from 100% bamboo fibers. It will also be silky and soft throughout your use. Cotton towels will become smelly and hard when used for a long time because cotton fibers don’t have the ability to kill microbes, which might be a carrier of said microbes instead.

  1. Regulates temperature

Bamboo can grow under any type of climate, which is why the fabric of bamboo robes and towels can adapt to any kind of temperature, especially in your bathroom, which will keep you comfortably cool or warm any time. It is thermo-regulating and breathable.

bamboo towel

  1. Very absorbent

Towels made from bamboo fibers are highly-absorbent that can wipe out the moisture away from your skin to ensure that you will feel comfortable, especially when sleeping at night.

  1. Sustainable

Bamboos are one of the fastest-growing trees all over the world. It doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilizers in order to grow because they are pest-resistant, unlike cotton that should be replanted every time you harvest it and requires a lot of water to achieve the desired growth.

  1. Biodegradable

Bamboo is biodegradable and very eco-friendly. Its fibers will naturally decompose once it reaches the end of its use. When exposed to sunlight, it will automatically decompose and can benefit the soil. It just requires a little amount of water to grow, and releases more oxygen back to the environment, which can improve air quality, unlike cotton.

  1. Long-lasting

Bamboo towels are expensive, unlike cotton  towels, which are affordable. But the price will be worth it when you buy a towel made from pure bamboo fibers because you can use it for a long time. Even after a lot of washing, it will still remain soft, absorbent, and resistant to bacteria. Wash it in lukewarm water, and do not use fabric softeners or bleach to keep it in good condition even if you’re using it on a regular basis.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo towels are kind to sensitive skin because they have hypoallergenic properties that resist pests, molds, and mildew. And since bamboo trees don’t need any chemicals in order to grow, it wouldn’t contain any toxins that can harm or irritate your skin. That’s why it is ideal to use, especially for babies.

  1. Antibacterial

As said above, bamboo can prevent microbes that can build up on your towels when you use it for a long time. This is because bamboo can produce a natural bactericide that can also vaporize mites that are residing under the user’s skin. However, studies concerning these claims are still in progress, and further experimentation is still needed to prove antibacterial effectiveness of bamboo towels.

Cotton towels may be more affordable than bamboo towels, but they’re more prone to damage, and most cotton towels shrink when you use them for a long time. Bamboo towels are a little more expensive compared to cotton ones, but the benefits that you will get from them are countless. Other than that, you will also contribute to the environment by using eco-friendly and biodegradable towels rather than synthetic ones.

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