The ability to cure a disease is in the patient. Let’s get ready to cure ourselves!

A patient’s state of mind and especially the negative emotions felt when he acknowledges that he is the victim of a specific disease can make a crucial difference for the success of his treatment program. Even if we speak about an entire therapy program or about a simple drug administration, they will not work unless the subconscious of the patient allows them to work. This fact may explain why drugs have only such small success rates, on average 35%.

Depression, anxiety, sadness, anger, fear etc can unconsciously pre-program the cell reactions of a patient to a treatment, shutting down their receptors to both internal and external drugs. Having the body set to react in such a manner, any medical intervention becomes useless, if not harmful. The process of healing requires hope, trust and a profound belief that each and every one of us deserves to be healed.

If the spirit programs the body for the healing, even a placebo treatment can lead to successful results. Trust can actually increase the placebo effect from 25% to 75%. For example, an average 3 to 4 out of surgery patients with serious wounds caused by ulcers experienced significant pain reduction after they have been injected with a placebo salt solution. Only because they put their trust in that injections.

The placebo pills do not lead to miracle cures through their physical/chemical active principles. They are the “remembered wellness”.

What is the remembered wellness? How can we prepare ourselves to fight diseases?

Think back and pick a moment when, both physical and spiritual, you were at your “peak”. Pick a peak! You are healthy, you feel energetic, powerful, relaxed, peaceful, safe, unreachable. It’s your moment of supreme wellness. This is what you should remember in times of illness: this special state of wellness. To heal yourself you should evoke this memory of wholeness and completeness, of innate order, balance, and harmony. This is essentially a meditative technique to quiet the mind and connect with healing energies. It’s a way to program your body cells for healing.

You do not have to wait for a serious disease to occur to practice the remembered wellness state. Each day you should evoke the memory of wellness.  Teach your body to stay healthy. Studies have shown that the body reacts to imagination and visualization as it does to an actual event. For example, a study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio compared people who went to the gym with people who carried out virtual workouts in their heads. A 30% muscle increase in the group who went to the gym occurred. But surprisingly, the group of participants who conducted mental exercises increased their muscle strength, too:  with 13.5%.

On one hand. Because on the other hand, in case of sickness or diseases, you shouldn’t get stuck in fighting the disease. Life is not just perfect health, but is about being able to live perfectly well with its imperfections. Be positive!


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  • “The Timeless Healing- The Power and Biology of Belief”- Herbert Benson, MD;

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