Thailand – All set to be a Medical Hub and World-Class Health Care Destination


Previously known as Siam, Thailand is a country based at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia. Having a geographical area of 513,000 sq km (198,000 sq mi), the Kingdom of Thailand is the world’s 20th most populous country with around 69 million people.

Following the Europe’s Industrie 4.0, the government of Thailand has also come up with its own Thailand 4.0, a value-based economic model focused on technology, innovation, and high-value services and trade. The kingdom of Thailand emerged as a leading destination for medical tourism because of its robust services in the Thailand pharmacy and healthcare sector. The Healthcare in Thailand has outstanding fundamental structure and the human resources are acknowledged to be of international standard. Doctors in Thailand are renowned worldwide, resulting in a rapid growth in supporting industries such as pharmaceuticals, laboratory tests and clinical R&D.

With its highest standards of medical services and affordable prices, Thailand is all set to become a major hub for medical tourism in Asia. The growth in Thailand Healthcare sector is also causing an increase in the country’s compliance with the manufacturing standards of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PIC/S), resulting in the best practices for the distribution and production of medical products.

The initiative undertaken by the government of Thailand to strengthen its position as the hub in medical sector of Asia has opened opportunities for an unending growth in related fields, including the medical services and Thailand pharmacy sectors. Thailand doctors and hospitals offer topnotch medical facilities with its innovative medical equipment such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). These systems in Thailand Healthcare sector are capable to provide a vast range of imaging services, including radiotherapy, cardiology, MRI and CT scans angiography, ultrasounds, fluoroscopy, mammography and dental imaging.

Thailand private hospitals rank among the highest in the nursing standards and Healthcare in Thailand. A large amount of international patients visit Thailand doctors for a variety of treatments including general check-ups, cancer treatments, kidney transplant, hip replacement, dentistry heart surgeries, weight loss surgeries, laser eye surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, and sex change operations.

Increased demand in the Thailand Healthcare market is a key driver of the Thai medical device industry. The Pharmacies in Thailand stocks medicines and medical equipment for almost all diseases and from all leading medicine manufacturing companies in the world. Recently, the Royal government of Thailand has publicized a strategic plan to promote research, development and investment for medical devices to increase local production and reduce reliance on imports.

The sector of Healthcare in Thailand has witnessed consistent and robust growth due to national health insurance schemes; a medical tourism policy, increase in the demand of Thailand doctors and Pharmacies in Thailand, and the strategic government plan to develop Thailand as a Medical Hub of ASEAN. This will not only improve the quality of life for Thai people, but will also offer extraordinary business opportunities to healthcare visionaries – together with Thailand’s customary high-quality service. Doctors in Thailand have played a vital role in this massive success of Thai government policy.

This initiative has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the demand of Doctors in Thailand and the Kingdom of Thailand has witnessed exceptional growth in medical and Thailand pharmacy sectors.

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