Thai Massage Therapy

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Massage is believed to have been used by ancient civilizations and is likewise believed to provide therapeutic benefits to the person being massaged.  The expert manipulation of specific points in the body is often compared to dough kneading which is the literal translation from French and Latin.  Thailand has its own distinct version of massage.

The ancient or traditional Thai massage or Nuad Boran combines Chinese and Indian medicinal traditions.  With the efficient blending of yoga, reflexology, and acupressure, Thai massage practitioners manipulate the so-called sen lines to guide the travel of air inhaled through the lungs which then passes through vessels or sen.  Thai massage operates on such a theory and its effectiveness is said to be facilitated in relation to the patient’s breathing.

The Thai way involves deep massage and stretching.  It is usually done on the floor while the patient lies on a mat or a firm mattress.  Thai massage does not make use of oils like other massage forms and patients wear loose and comfortable clothes to allow maximized movement.  During the course of the massage session, the patient will be positioned in various yoga-like positions while the provider of the massage apply firm pressure that follows a specific rhythm.

Massaging the sen lines of the body is compared to working the meridians and channels of the body by performing various massaging actions such as arching into a cobra position, walk on the patient’s back, knuckles cracking and pulling of fingers, toes, and ears.  The application of Thai massage is premised on compassionate healing with the intention of providing therapy based on loving kindness.

Thai massage is a major component of Thai traditional medicine.  It has been made widely available through the support of the government, as a medicinal discipline as well as purely therapeutic practice used by the tourism industry specifically in spas and other similar facilities.  This type of massage not only promotes health and well-being but also aims to treat existing illnesses.

An authentic Thai massage is able to provide a number of physical benefits including body detoxification, immune system boost, improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improved breathing, body toning, and prevention or retardation of degenerative diseases.  It can also help patients to achieve mental clarity.  The development of natural confidence is an expected result of Thai massage.

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