Ten Fundamentals of Bodybuilding


Seems like everyone has advice to give on getting ripped and staying there. With so many different training techniques available, it is tough to know what works and what doesn’t. Bodybuilding is not just something you do occasionally to tone. It is a discipline that one must live by and practice often. Even with variations in style and exercise form, the basics never really change. If you follow the fundamentals of bodybuilding, you will lose fat and build muscle over time.

Nutrition – There is more to it than lifting weights. Food is energy and helps to promote healing. You must eat right in order to grow muscle tissue effectively.

Training – Regular training is a key component, as well. Once or twice a month is not going to get the job done.

Challenge – Muscle growth is a process of adaptation. If you fail to challenge your body, there is no need for it to adapt. You must increase the weight load as you grow stronger to continue to build muscle tissue.

Rest – Veteran lifters will tell you that resting is just as critical as workouts. Lifting weights damages muscle tissue. That is the whole point. Once a muscle becomes damaged, the body rebuilds it stronger. This process happens between workouts. The recovery period takes approximately 48 hours to complete.

Cardio – Nobody likes it, but everybody needs it, and a lean body rarely happens without it. The key is not to just jump into this type of exercise program. That may cause injury, or worse, disillusionment. Start slow and build in both duration and frequency.

Weight Load – Managing the weight load is vital to both muscle growth and safety. Without increasing the amount you lift, you cannot promote new growth, but doing it incorrectly will just get you hurt. Lift as much weight as it takes to challenge the muscle. You should struggle with the last rep.

Technique – Practice technique to make sure you are lifting properly. This is also a critical component in both growth and safety. Improper technique leads to injury. It also offers a less effective workout.

Go Beyond Strength – It is important to get the heart working, but focus on other factors, as well. You want to improve agility and flexibility. Do exercises that develop balance and enhance endurance such as yoga.

Pay Attention to Body Composition – Body composition is the percentage of fat, bone and muscle you maintain. The human form is balanced in its healthy state. Large amounts of body fat increase the risk of chronic illness, and inhibit the healing process. Muscles need to heal during the recovery phase to grow.

Fat is also a necessary element in body composition, because it protects vital organs. On average, a male needs to maintain around 18 percent body fat while females should have approximately 20 percent.

Genetics Matter – You can’t alter your genetic makeup, and you shouldn’t try. There are many drugs out there that promise just that, but they can be dangerous. Anabolic steroids have side effects and offer temporary enhancement at best. You get nothing from them that you won’t get through a fit lifestyle and proper technique. Any drug that promises to make you taller or give you big arms is more likely to set you back.

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