Supplements May Not Be the Best Way to Care For Your Bones

A study found that calcium supplementation may increase your risk of having a heart attack. Researchers found that too much of it can build up in your bloodstream and is excreted through the kidneys. In rare cases, it can cause kidney stones. According to a story on NPR, studies are showing that too much calcium can also calcify the coronary arteries leading to heart attacks. This was specifically an issue for those that over-supplemented.

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Average adults need between 1000 and 1200 mg of calcium per day and just by keeping track of how much you’ve had, according to researchers, could easily take care of the problem. But this is scary stuff considering that the majority of us get calcium from supplements and food.

Too Much Versus Too Little Calcium

Too little calcium can create an array of health issues such as heart problems, issues with nerve function and most notably, bone health.

While doctors are not united in the use of supplements, keeping your bones healthy through a healthy diet is universally accepted. The three nutrients that lead to healthy bones are calcium, vitamin D (which helps with the absorption of calcium), and vitamin K (which allows bone-building osteoblast cells to bind calcium to bones). All three of these nutrients work together to maintain the human body’s skeletal system.

Here are my favorite sources of each by serving size:

Calcium (RDA 1000-1200 milligram (mg))

1. 2 cups kale 200 mg

2. 2 cups broccoli 200 mg

3. 1 cup coconut milk 350 mg

4. 1 cup tempeh 184 mg

5. 2 tbsp tahini 128 mg

Vitamin D (RDA 600 international units (IU))

1. 1 cup coconut milk 150 IU

2. 1 tbsp pure cod liver oil 1360 IU

3. 1 cup shitake mushrooms 45 IU

4. The yoke of 1 egg 20 IU

5. 2 sardines 46 IU

Vitamin K (RDA 90 mg-120 micrograms (μg))

1. 1 cup kale 547 μg

2. 1 cup collards 62.5 μg

3. 1 cup chopped scallions 207 μg

4. 4 spears asparagus 80 μg

5. 1 cup chopped cabbage 76 μg

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