Summer Makeup Looks for Every Woman

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Summer is near in Australia and the beaches in Sydney are amazing! During the summer months, it’s all about simplifying your makeup routine. Simple doesn’t mean boring, however — you can still look absolutely gorgeous without spending an hour in front of the mirror.

Skip The Foundation

Your usual foundation is too heavy for summer, so switch to a lightweight, tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion and hydrate your skin. While tinted moisturizers don’t offer the same coverage as foundation, you really don’t need much during the summer.

However, if you have particularly oily skin or want a little more coverage, sweep a light dusting of powder foundation over your face to help hide imperfections.

Plus, most tinted moisturizers come with a built-in SPF, which is essential no matter what time of the year it is!

Play Up Your Cheeks

This summer, skip the bronzer and go for a beautiful, rosy pink blush instead. The look is soft and sheer but colorful, and nearly any woman can pull it off. For extra staying power, try a cream blush that can be easily blended into the skin and gives just the right amount of color in a matter of seconds.

Eye Color That Pops

Ditch the basic browns this season and play up your peepers with eye color that really pops. Bright purples, teals, blues, and greens are hot for summer right now and can make any woman’s eye color stand out and command attention.

Of course, with such bold eyeshadow you don’t want to overdo it. The rest of your makeup should be sheer and natural so as not to compete with your eyes, and you should stick to one bright shade, not two or three.

Naturally, you’ll want to make sure your eyebrows are groomed and in tip top shape so your eye makeup really stands out. Don’t over-pluck eyebrows, but do tidy them up a bit!

Luscious Lips

This season, it’s all about vibrant pinks, oranges, or corals, but nude and neutral work just as well for women who are a little intimidated by bolder shades. Top with a sheer lipgloss but don’t overdo it — summer is too hot for a sticky coating of super shiny gloss.

If you’re going for a bold lip, keep the rest of your face neutral to keep the focus on the aspect of your face you’re trying to play up.

Your summer makeup look should be sheer, fresh, and low-maintenance. Who wants to stand in front of a mirror for an hour when it’s 100+ degrees outside? These easy makeup tips will have you lookin’ hot without trying too hard and you’ll be ready for whatever the season throws at you!

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