Subtle weight gain traps and What to do About Them

Its easy for the pounds to creep back on and its as simple as everyday choices you make.

Your daily choices can either help or hinder your weight loss efforts. Here’s the catch — what you do everyday really does matter. In today post I will uncover some not so obvious areas where you can fall off the wagon as well as tips to prevent the fall to begin with.

diet traps

Coffee shops.

I celebrated another birthday recently and decided to take Starbucks up on a free birthday coffee. Now typically I get a tall skinny cinnamon dolce latte and that’s it. However, my free coffee meant a Venti size and of course I said yes! The only problem was that my110-calorie coffee turned into a 300+ indulgence. On my next trip to Starbucks I had to remind myself that a Venti is a treat and not something I need to enjoy on every trip. That choice alone saves me about 800 calories a week! If you’re tempted to increase your servings, opt out. Stick with your basic portions and you’ll avoid those extra calories creeping into your diet.

Sandwich shops.

The combos are a good deal aren’t they? The only problem is that they consist of empty calories that don’t satisfy. For example, a chicken sandwich is okay, but add the mayo, chips, and soda and you’ve got a meal anywhere between 500-1000 calories! Anytime you’re offered a combo meal, make sure it fits the following guidelines: half a sandwich, salad or broth-based soup, small fruit if possible and water. Anything outside of this realm will put you at risk for increased saturated fat, calories, and that culprit sodium.

Convenience stores.

Walk into any 7-11 looking for something healthy and you might leave empty handed. Unfortunately all the snacks are easy to find, loaded with sugar, and nowhere near a healthy food aisle. As a general rule, avoid any foods like chips or energy bars with more than 10 grams of sugar or other sugary drinks. If you haven’t eaten in three hours and this is your only option, by all means pick-up something! Some healthier food options include, boiled eggs, salads, small bag of natural nuts, and of course water! The trick here is to get the healthiest snack possible to fuel your body until your next meal.

Eating healthy takes work and I’m not going to tell you its easy. The daily disciplines of making healthy choices take effort. The best way to have success in this area is to practice daily. With consistent practice you can be successful. Take things a day at a time and watch your choices improve.

How do you deal with the challenge of making good daily food choices?

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