Stye Prevention and Remedies – Eye Stye Treatment

An eye stye is basically an infection found at the border of the eyelid. It has the look of a pimple or boils. With the hair follicles being blocked, it will result in the itching, pain and discomfort around your eyes and it is this uneasiness that made people look for possible eye stye treatment.


Causes of Stye

The precise cause of eye stye remains unknown but it can develop from these conditions:

  • Rubbing your hands with your eyes will not just irritate the glands, the bacteria that come from your hands will also infect the eyes.
  • The eye-makeup that you use, such as mascara and eyeliner, may be contaminated.

Standard Eye stye treatment Options:

  • Repeatedly holding warm cloth into the affected area for a couple of minutes. It is advised that you do this 3-4 times a day.
  • Fight harmful bacteria by regularly applying the prescribed drop for you.
  • If the standard eye stye treatment options did not work, surgical drainage may be the best answer.

Simple Home Eye stye treatment options:

  • You can actually do the eye stye treatment at home without any supervision. Wet the cloth with warm water for about ten minutes. Putting something a bit hot on the affected area can control the suppuration or formation of the boil or pimple.
  • Placing the soft and pulpy side of the aloe vera in a lengthwise position can give a cooling effect.
  • To lessen pain, inflammation and redness, you can get guava leaves. Wrap the leaves in a piece of warm, moist cloth. Apply it in the affected part as a compress.
  • Coriander seeds can also be very helpful eye stye treatment. Boil the seeds in a cup of water. Wash your eyes with this concentration three to four times per day.

Eye stye treatment is not just reducing the size of the stye or lessening pain but keeping the area moisturized. There are non-prescription medications available to keep the affected area moisturized and one of the most used moisturizer is petroleum jelly. Always remember that these products may provide relief from the pain or swollenness but these won’t cure the stye.

Preventive Measures in Avoiding Stye Infection

  • Hands carry dangerous bacteria. Don’t touch the sore eye with your bare hands.
  • Do not use force when bursting the stye, let the stye take its course.
  • Do not pop it like a pimple because the infection will spread to other areas.
  • Always remember that squeezing it can push the bacteria and flow into your blood stream.
  • Always wash your hands efficiently, especially when treating pimples, acne, or boils. This is to prevent other kinds of bacteria from harming your eyes.
  • Use clean handkerchief or tissues when cleaning your eyes.

Eye stye treatment methods can work you wonders but preventing your eyes from being infected is much better.  Hygiene is very important when maintaining healthy eyes.  Bear in mind not to share your personal things with someone since they may be carrying harmful bacteria, especially things that you use for the eyes. Don’t take eye cleaning and hygiene for granted.

Eye stye surgery is viable method to get rid of these unwanted “partners” and its also non-invasive and easy, there are lots of clinics in your country and abroad with good doctor teams like the lasik eye surgery clinic staff with doctors graduated in best universities in the world.



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