Strong Evidence: E-Cigarettes Are Definitely Safer Than Smoking

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Those who have been smoking for years have all the reasons to feel scared about their health and the health of others surrounding them. Time and again, we have read about lung cancer and other chronic illnesses caused by smoking. Worse still, there are fires caused by smokers especially at night when butts and filters fall on the carpet or mattress.

Hope is not lost because there is now a better way to quit smoking or take advantage of less harmful options. E-cigarettes are considered to be a better option with fewer harmful contents than ordinary cigarettes. Have you heard of them yet? If not, it is time to pursue your curiosity and understand what they are and the options available to tame your smoking habit. Today, you will learn how e-cigs are safer than smoking.

No Tobacco

The absence of tobacco in vapes and e-cigs is perhaps one of the best things for most smokers. Although some countries have not yet accepted e-cigarettes by law, doctors argue that the absence of tobacco in these products is a major health advantage.

For the longest time, tobacco has significantly affected the health of all smokers. It is the main cause of chronic illnesses in most smokers. Daily use of tobacco, whether through chewing or smoking, puts you at a high risk of mouth, throat, stomach and organ cancer as confirmed by various medical studies. However, this does not mean that the lack of tobacco in e-juice and the smoke produced is totally harmless. But when compared to the use of an ordinary cigarette, it is much better.

Regulated Nicotine

One thing that has attracted health researchers to study e-cigs is the fact that the nicotine levels in e-juice are known and labeled. We all know that the normal cigarettes have high nicotine levels that cause the craving and addiction to continue using cigarettes. Health experts have tested various e-juices that claim to have zero nicotine levels and found that, indeed, this is true.

If you visit the website, you will enjoy e-juices with the level of nicotine that you want including options without any nicotine. Surprisingly, they are still as smooth as those with nicotine.

More Safety Features

Most e-cigs and vape pens have integrated features that promote health. Sophisticated modern vapes are smart, and they can automatically turn off if they detect that you have not used them in a certain amount of time. This means that you will not experience any danger as a result of an e-cigarette being accidentally left on. They also have regulators to control deep or shallow smoke as you wish. So, when buying these devices, consider those with the best features to suit your needs.

Encouragement to Vape Less

Many people do not realize it, but vaping can encourage people to smoke in moderation. The first way it does this is by providing the choice of reduced or zero nicotine options. Another way is that you may not turn to e-cigarettes as often as people are drawn to ordinary cigarettes. Some vapes are too big or valuable to keep in your pocket, and you have to use them at specified times only. The restrictions on usage time will significantly reduce the chances of experiencing health effects.

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