Stretch Your Way to a Healthy You

If you are one of those individuals who worry about the seemingly burdening question of whether to stretch before or after exercise, do not be dismayed as you are not alone. However, according to a recent research conducted by experts, specifically the one made by the Archive of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine last year, the fact that warm-up training is done even before you hit those hard workouts is way better as it significantly reduces the possibility of suffering from injury of the extremities.


Accordingly, the said study had 105 subjects and with such research, it is now but safe and logical to encourage warm-ups to everyone who wish to engage in exercising.

Are you thinking about what sort of warm-ups will be good for you? Here are a few of those routines you might want to include the next time you hit the gym, the park or anywhere you have your exercise:

Jump Rope.

While the use of jumping rope may prove unusual for some, the use of a fast twirl while speedily jumping up and down and maintaining that jump in the feet and ankles (versus the knees) will do one good especially for the more intensive warm-ups. Due to the intensity of this warm-up, instead of a good fifteen to twenty minutes, you can use jump rope for only five minutes and you are good to go.



Before running or engaging in a more vigorous and strenuous exercise, you can walk as part of your exercise routine. This brings your heart to pump faster and stronger. As a result, your blood boils in action and your heart beat races. While walking, you can play with your arms and the rest of your upper body as you sway, you can also bring your heel to your buttocks while pressing your hips forward.

Jumping Jack.

The concept of jumping jack is simply jumping feet wide at a considerable range while bringing your arms over your head and then down to the hips makes your heart rate increase.


Using one arm and the opposing extremity both in front, make quick alternate small jumps to set the vibe.

Ankle Bouncers.

Jump rapidly and be sure to make that spring coming from the ankles and feet and not from the knees.

Other types of good warm-up routines include jogging in place, the bunny hop, leg tucks, alternate leg thrust and push-ups. Do yourself and your muscles a favor, spare yourself from any sort of agony that could be prevented (especially for the elderly). You want to avoid muscle pulls, cramps and even the display of a very poor performance. Additionally, be mindful of your breathing. Breathe deeply and exhale deeply to facilitate entry of calorie-burning oxygen.

As a reminder, with these warm-up exercises, you might want to do these for a good 15-20 minutes. If you still wish to stretch or do your cooling-down routine after your strenuous exercise, that is all but fine and highly encouraged.

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