Stress Relief – A Requirement for Good Health

You’re heard it thousands of times, excess stress can destroy your health.  If you feel highly stressed, you must begin employing stress relief methods to protect your mental, physical, and emotional health.

One of the most important techniques for stress relief is exercise.  You may have just groaned, but stop your moaning and groaning, and think about this for a moment.  Your body is designed to move, to be in action.  It needs movement for your body to perform at its highest level.  You do not need to take on intensive exercise with sweat flowing down your body.  Even taking 20 minutes per day to get out and take a brisk walk can start to reduce your stress.  Life’s trouble seem to melt away for those few minutes of exercise, and the reduction in stress often continues long after the exercise is finished.

The opposite side of exercise would have to be meditation.  It is amazing how our body and mind requires the two complete opposites to function well.  Meditation has been shown throughout the centuries to be one of the greatest methods for stress relief.  Learning to meditate, and to silence your busy mind can be extremely refreshing.  Don’t bypass this powerful technique for stress relief lightly.  Often people feel this is a waste of time, until they’ve tried it for a couple weeks.  Suddenly they realize with the relief in stress, and a more balanced outlook on life, they are more productive, and benefit greatly from this “wasted time”.

stres relief trough meditation

When exercise and meditation is not enough, you may want to consider adding herbal supplements to your diet.  Chamomile tea is one great herbal option to help you wind down, and release stress from the day.  Chamomile is commonly used as a mild relaxant to reduce stress, and sipping it as a hot, relaxing tea is even more stress relieving.  Another popular herb is skullcap.  While the names sounds a bit dire, the effects are quite stress relieving.  If you are like many other people, when you feel stressed, and agitated, you cannot get to sleep.  Skullcap is a great natural aid to falling to sleep.  Other common herbal supplements for stress relief include ginseng, kava, and licorice.

Ginseng and licorice are well known, but what is kava used for? Kava kava (shortly “kava”) contains substances named kavapyrones. They act like alcohol on your brain, making you feel relaxed, calm, and happy. The plant is also known as a pain reliever and is commonly used to relax muscles and prevent seizures.

Another technique you can add to close out a stressful day is a hot, soaking bath.  When the bath is accompanied by great scents, such as rose, it can be extraordinary in giving stress relief.  For an even more relaxing soak, you can add a few candles in the bath room.  Watching the flickering flames of a candle have a magical way of giving stress relief to many people.

bye bye stressIn extreme cases of stress, you may need to consult with your Doctor or a Therapist.  They can give you additional techniques, and even prescription medications for stress relief.  You probably agree, trying natural alternatives for stress relief are preferable over medications and their potential side effects.  When you have been feeling sustained levels of stress, it would be wise to consult with your Doctor, and discuss your plans for stress relief.  Most commonly, your Doctor will be excited to see you are taking action, and will support you in your efforts.

Start today to find stress relief, before it turns into serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary disease, or other mood disorders.  Stress relief is easily attainable with just a bit of effort, and taking the time to treat yourself right.

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