Stop Smoking Hypnosis – A Guide to Better Life

stop smoking

Smokers have several tools available to them to stop smoking. There are smoking cessation programs that use medication to lower the need for smoking in individuals. There are graduated smoking cessation programs that are available as over-the-counter treatments. And one of the most promising methods used to help individuals quit is smoking hypnosis.

There are two forms of smoking hypnotherapy available to smokers. There are self-hypnosis programs that individuals can participate in. Through self-hypnosis, the smoker uses visualization and relaxation techniques to tap into the subconscious level to explore behavior. The second option is hypnotherapy. With a licensed hypnotherapist, the individual is guided through a series of exercises and specialized techniques designed to help an individual stop smoking. Programs that incorporate both of the previously mentioned smoking cessation techniques can be combined.

When a licensed hypnotherapist is used, one can be assured that the professional has undergone the necessary quality training needed to deliver the quality of care the smoker requires. The smoker is provided with stress relief management techniques that might trigger smoking behavior. Learning tools and exercises are also provided to help the person tap into the emotions and scenarios that may be contributing to the addictive behavior.

The success rate for stop smoking hypnosis has been promising. Some reports have shown that smoking hypnotherapy can be as effective as 66 percent in some cases. The University of Washington study on smoking hypnosis showed a 90 percent success rate among participants in the program. A Texas A & M University study showed a success rate of 81% among participants.

Generally, the remedial session includes varied hypnotherapy techniques, positive affirmation and suggestions. And, the cost incurred during the treatment is many times lesser than the financial and health costs spent on lifetime-smoking. In fact, quitting smoking, as seems, is not at all impossible; provided you consult a good hypnotherapist and don’t dwell on negative aspects. Stopping smoking is not going to deprive you from something really valuable. Instead, aim for positive outcomes such as your good health, fitness, freedom and energy from it.

Therefore, it is imperative that you follow proper instructions of your hypnotherapy consultant. Let us understand here, how a practitioner helps with hypnotic suggestions.

First, a hypnotherapist will create an artificial hypnosis setting for you. He or she will deliver personalized suggestions specific to your preferences and motivation level. In a group setting, these suggestions become generic. Therefore, one to one guidance is preferable and effective than group settings.

Second, he or she will devise techniques that include learning and re-learning process. Remember, you were not a born smoker, you have learned the bad habit. It means you can forget it also. You can re-learn how to be a non-smoker. All what is needed here- a customized, positive mental-fitness training program that will address your particular issues and take care of every concern.

Thus Hypnosis clinic centers are contributing towards disease free, non-polluted, safe environment. Their experiences really count. The programs are so easy-going that you will not feel deprived or think that you have made a large sacrifice. The process is painless as well.  Of course, it is huge sense of relief and achievement. Think how proud you will be becoming a permanent non-smoker.

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