Stop Over Eating by Thinking about Eating

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A recent study which was done on a very small scale has come up with an exciting method of losing weight. If you keep thinking about eating a particular food for some time, when you will be presented with that food, you will not want to eat it any more. There were fifty one participants in this small science experiment; they were divided into 3 groups.

One group was told to think about eating a lot of a particular type of chocolate, the other groups was asked to just think on eating that chocolate and the other group was not told anything. Later they were given the same chocolate, and surprisingly enough, the group which thought about eating a lot of those chocolates ended up eating the least.

One of the major reasons why diets fail is that those who are dieting find it hard to forget the things that they are resisting to eat. Here, in this research, carried out at Carnegie Mellon University is taking the opposite route. It is asking people to imagine about the foods that they want to eat, chocolates and cheese for example, and when you are really given that same food, you don’t want to eat it any more. Thinking about eating it trains your mind into thinking that you have already eaten it, and it sort of becomes repetitive, as if you are re-eating the same thing.

I gave it a try, I tried into thinking that I am eating chocolates. It all went good, the feel, and the taste of it and when I was presented with it, I actually ate quite a lot. Why? I think it is my strong craving that failed me in this test. I tried with cheese next, and I found out that if you hate eating something, you hate imagining it too.

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