Stomach Cancer: Causes and Symptoms

Young woman sitting on the bed with hard stomach pain

Young woman sitting on the bed with hard stomach pain

Stomach cancer is the type of cancer where stomach faces uncontrolled growth of cells. This is also known as gastric cancer. This is not so common like most other cancers, but it is dangerous. The symptoms of stomach cancer can’t be seen quickly at the beginning stages. As a result, it is very much tough to identify stomach cancer and take necessary steps.

Treating stomach cancer is a bit difficult because most of the time it spreads to other organs before it is seen. So, we need to be aware of stomach cancer. Treatments can be taken to get rid of it. You can follow stomach cancer treatment at Sheba. But, being safe is good. To be safe from stomach cancer, we need to know the causes of stomach cancer. Let’s see the reasons for stomach cancer or gastric cancer.

Causes of Stomach Cancer

I have already said that stomach cancer can’t be identified in early stages. As a result, the task of identifying the reason behind stomach cancer is difficult. But scientists and doctors have some opinions about the reason for stomach cancer.

They have found some reasons that may cause stomach cancer or increase the risk of it. Infection of a bacterium called H. Pylory is one of the reasons behind stomach cancer. The infection causes mutation in the DNA of stomach cells. As a result, the growth of the cell becomes faster which results in stomach cancer.

Besides this bacterium, another likely reason for stomach cancer is gastritis, which may also be called inflammation in the stomach. Smoking is another cause of stomach cancer. Smoking makes the cells of stomach unhealthy and changes the regular works of the stomach cells. As a result, sometimes the growth of cells loses the control and the cells start growing unnaturally.

Some other likely reasons behind stomach cancer are-

A diet high in salt: If you eat salt in a huge amount, you are about to develop stomach cancer- some scientists have said. There is a maximum amount of salt that our stomach can allow. If you eat more than that, stomach cancer may occur.

A diet high in processed meat: A diet high in processed meat is also a likely reason behind stomach cancer. Ham, sausage, bacon etc. are considered as processed meat. Processed meat contains more unhealthy properties compared to unprocessed raw meat.

Overweight or obesity: If you are suffering from obesity, you are likely to develop stomach cancer. Even, being overweight is also a reason behind stomach cancer. So, try to lose weight by taking healthy diet and doing physical exercise.

Age: Here, you have nothing to do. Research has shown that old people become more affected by stomach cancer compared to young aged people. Almost half of the stomach cancer patients are 65 years old or more than 65 years old.

Low amount of stomach acid: Stomach acid is responsible for digesting foods that we eat. If there is not enough stomach acid for digesting food, some foods remain undigested and cause problems in the stomach. As a result, the chance of developing stomach cancer becomes higher.

These are some common likely reasons for stomach cancer. So, if you want to stay safe from stomach cancer, try to avoid these reasons.

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Now let’s move forward. If you are attacked by stomach cancer by any chance, how will you know that? It is already said that stomach cancer can’t be identified easily. But there are some symptoms those tell that maybe you are affected by stomach cancer. These may be seen if different stages of stomach cancer.

No matter when the symptoms are seen, don’t wait for being sure on your own. Consult a doctor as soon as possible because if that is really stomach cancer, it is already late. Now let’s see some symptoms those actually say that maybe you are attacked by stomach cancer.

  1. Sensing that you are full at the time of eating: Stomach cancer happens because of unnatural growth of stomach cells. So, it is normal to feel that you are full. If you feel full at the time of every meal, consult a doctor quickly for knowing the reason. It may be stomach cancer, who knows?
  2. Feeling difficulty to swallow foods: If you regularly face difficulties to swallow foods or drinks, you need to go to a doctor. If you are affected by stomach cancer and it spreads to the upper digestive system, the upper digestive system may refuse taking foods. As a result, you will feel difficulties at the time of swallowing.
  3. Heartburn: Heartburn is a common symptom of stomach cancer. Cancer cells create tumors and destroy other cells. So, you may feel that your chest or throat is burning with a huge pain. So, don’t forget to go to a doctor if you face heartburn.
  4. Vomiting (maybe with blood): If your stomach is attacked by stomach cancer if can’t allow foods because there won’t be enough stomach acid for digesting. At that time, the only way your stomach can find out is throwing the food out. So, it will do this by vomiting. If the condition is that much worse, blood may come out with vomiting.

Besides these, there are some other symptoms of stomach cancer. Some of those are – feeling bloated after meals, continuous indigestion, frequent burping, trapped wind, loss of appetite etc. If you feel anything from these, don’t be late to consult a doctor.

Final Verdict

So, these are the common things about stomach cancer. Being attentive and careful about you reduces the risk of this disease. If prevention doesn’t work, there is the chance of cure. Curing stomach cancer is a bit difficult, but a good percentage of patients affected by stomach cancer are being cured.

You have seen the causes as well as the symptoms. So, there is no chance of confusion. Always try to follow a healthy diet for being safe. Avoiding the causes will ensure better safety. And if you face the symptoms, don’t forget to go to the doctor as soon as possible.


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