Stimulant Foods to Increase the Energy

Stimulant foods are substances that have the property to increase the level of energy, or the activity level of one of the system or of the whole organism. Stimulant foods compel the system to use its energy reserves without providing any additional nutritional intake. A proportionate nutritional intake would allow the system to compensate for the effort that it must provide in order to adapt to the stimulation.

stimulant foods

There is no doubt that stimulant foods are a factor in the impoverishment of the system. People consuming large quantities of stimulants are usually those who should not be taking any. They are tired, stressed, anxious, tensed, insomniac, aggressive or depressed, sometimes all at the same time. In addition, several health problems are directly linked to a poor emotional state or, if you prefer, to a heightened level of tension.

List of Stimulant Foods

  1. Coffee, tea, soft drinks.
  2. Chocolate, white sugar.
  3. All the foods containing added white sugar or added caffeine.

List of Foods Beneficial to the Nervous System

  • Foods rich in B-complex vitamins, such as whole grain flour and bread.
  • Foods rich in calcium, such as dairy products and green vegetables.
  • Foods rich in vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Foods rich in magnesium, such as green vegetables.

Any food that excessively increases the energy exerted by your system without providing a sufficient nutritional intake is, by definition, harmful. A person making use of stimulants may discover other ways increasing its energy level through the improvement of its lifestyle. Keep the following rule in mind: stimulants do not increase the energy level of your system, they impoverish it!

To increase your energy level, your ability to concentrate or your well-being, avoid resorting to stimulant foods or other stimulant substances. Learn how to change your lifestyle (number of hours of sleep, physical exercise, healthy eating, etc.) and you will reach a reasonable level of energy, of concentration and of wellness.

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