Staying Fit and Trim with the Free Standing Pull Up Bar

The slogan “Health is Wealth” is an eye opener to people who gives less importance to their health and body. It makes them aware of the importance of good health. It also makes them realize that good health does not only come from the food they eat, but by keeping their body well fit and trim.

Doing daily workouts, exercising, jogging, and dancing are just some of the 101 different ways that can give you a well-trimmed and healthy. These forms of exercises are done without using accessories or machines to make you sweat and perspire. What you have to do here is to move your body carefully and do what you are supposed to do to really burn calories and the unwanted fats in your body. On the other hand, there are also some forms of exercise that require you to use a machine, device or accessories to complete the overall procedure to make your body well-trimmed. One particular accessory is the pull up bar.

What is a Pull Up Bar and a Pull Up Exercise?

A pull-up bar is an accessory which is used in performing the pull-up exercises or routine. Pull up is an exercise that can help develop the upper muscles at the back. It helps strengthen the muscles. It is also good for your chest, back, arms and shoulders. Pull Ups are done by lifting your body weight using a pull-up bar such as a horizontal bar. A free standing pull up bar can just be the perfect accessory to use and should be considered in your fitness program and daily workouts.

Exercises Using the Pull up Bars

There are different kinds of exercises that you can do using the free standing bar. All of these exercises can help you develop and improve your muscles. It can also make you physically trimmed and fit. Some of these exercises include:

Pull Ups– is an effective exercise for your back and shoulders. This is done by gripping the bar with your two hands, palms facing away from you. Lift your body until your chin touches the bar, after which, slowly lower your body to its original position. Repeat doing it a couple of times.

Chin Ups – is good for your biceps. By gripping the bar, palms facing you, lift your body and feel your biceps burning. It is also good for your anterior deltoids.

Toes Above the Bar – grip the bar and hang, keep your legs straight. Slowly bring your legs up to the bar, Lower it slowly and repeat.

Knee Raising – is a good exercise for your abs. You can do it by gripping the bar, let your legs hang. Slowly bring it to your chest. Bring it down again to the original position

Climber Pull Up– This can help build a strong shoulder, arms, and back muscles. Lift your body, then before bringing your body down, shift your weight to the right and to the left.

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