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Cities are filled with hectic chaos, various cultures and many different lifestyles. The grueling city life can seem nonstop. However, there are places where there is an entire community, separated from the stress and intensity, where the freedom and spirit connected with jogging begins as early as 5am in the morning. Cities are filled with joggers that escape the pressures of work and begin jogging early in the morning. In areas that are rich in heritage, one can jog from landmark to landmark, allowing city views that get captured in no other light. The fast paced surroundings seem to diminish as you unite with the inner peace that jogging brings.

Exercise increases our endurance and strengthens our body, mind and soul. If you are active, then you understand how exercising can take us from a slumber into a re-energized state. Jogging revitalizes your body and after a lengthy plane ride, or a few too many eateries, jogging will help bring you back to a healthy state much faster than other quick fix remedies available. Jogging can be very rewarding as it offers some wonderful benefits such as staying physically fit and the ability to see a city from an entirely new, spectacular view.

City 1 – Washington DC

The alarm rings, you put on your socks and running shoes, and you are set to go. But, just what does your adventure have in store? Washington DC is a fantastic city that is well maintained and designed to be jogger friendly with some expansive pathways for you to explore. The city offers publications that are distributed which helps to direct joggers and will guide them to specific routes of city jogging trails and the level of difficulty and length of the trail.

The National Mall is a great place for beginners to start and consists of roughly 2.5 miles in length of even terrain. The captivating architecture with its beautiful museums and galleries which fills the area is spectacular for those that love to jog while inhaling a bit of culture.

new-york city

City 2 – New York City

Known for swarms of people, subways and fabulous shopping, nothing in New York City will compare to Central Park for joggers. Central Park is world famous for jogging and the city offers maps which will direct each jogger to different running routes throughout the park. Posted maps are available and will vary depending on where you enter the park. No matter what your jogging ability, there are captivating routes which will take you to some fascinating areas such as the Upper Loop, which is for those joggers that enjoy the distance, as the route is 6.1 miles. There is also the Lower Loop which is recommended if you are at the beginner level or looking for an easier run. The lower loop is a manageable 1.7 miles.

New York City also hosts one of the most famous marathons in the world- the New York City Marathon. Originally, the marathon consisted of 4+ laps in Central Park. In the beginning years of the marathon, Central Park was considered the most spectacular area in the city for marathoners to get a taste of New York. However, today, the world famous marathon has taken to the streets and for those that are qualified and secure a spot in the marathon, the run now takes in all five boroughs of New York City.

running in london

City 3 – London

Aside from the renowned British pubs that so cultivate the spirit while on vacation, London is filled with magnificent Royal Parks which can be found throughout the city. London displays its energy through their Royal history, Underground stations, and cars driving on the left-hand side of the street, just to name a few. There is also serenity which is found in many wonderful areas and is part of London’s great outdoors which creates a jogger’s paradise. Hyde Park is just one area which joggers will find that true British twist that includes patriotic views of guardsmen near Buckingham Palace and fabulous architect.

London, just as Washington and New York, have plenty of publications that are available throughout the city so that joggers are able to find the best jogging routes, or devise jogging routes of their own. The convenience of public transportation within London allows for the ability to find and access routes throughout the city quickly and easily allowing runners to get in a jog whatever area they would like.

My favorite great cities offer some wonderful places for a jogger to unite through the activity that they so well enjoy. There is the open air, the freedom and the exploration of a new area. Of course, if you are lucky enough to live in one of these great cities, you can enjoy some of the world’s best jogging within your own city.

Jogging is a recreational sport in which typically those that love to run have chosen to connect to the great outdoors, the development of strength, and endurance that takes you through your day to day life. All while creating a balance that brings you a bit further each day. Whether a simple jog in the park, a remedy for jetlag or participating in an annual marathon, you have found a great way to stay healthy and be part of the exercise elite!

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