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    There are many amazing over the counter acne treatments out there, but for those of us tight on money, or those of us who want a simpler solution, it can be difficult to find products that fit our needs, and it is difficult facing acne without them. Luckily, there are many solutions that you can find cheap, or even at home.

    When spot treating acne, we want to dry out the pimple. We can’t do that when we are treating our whole face, but when spot treating it can reduce the size of the blemish by quite a bit. Now, keep in mind that the effectiveness of home remedies is rarely scientifically proven, so you are relying on others experience. Try out these remedies and see what works for you.

    The first remedy is a mixture of baking soda and water. Mix the two together until you get a thick paste. Apply a thin layer onto the blemish and go to bed. When you wake up the next morning the pimple should be dried out and almost flat. Now, if you choose to, it will be much easier to cover up with makeup. A very similar option is to use clay. The same steps apply and the results are very similar. Another similar method is to crush up aspirin and follow the same steps as before. This works by both drying out the blemish and being anti-inflammatory, therefore reducing redness.

    Another option, however controversial, is to zap that zit with toothpaste. Many have had great success with this. It is important to note that when using toothpaste, use a plain white paste instead of a colored gel.

    Some options that your dermatologist may be more approving of are as follows. Salicylic acid paste or cream is something you can buy at most drugstores. When buying a product, always use as directed. Companies want people to like their product and have tested it out to make sure it will work, at least for some people, so follow the instructions given for best results.

    Using astringents is the most common way to get rid of a pimple quickly. Some simple, safe, and natural options are lemon juice, witch hazel, and green tea. A very natural remedy that many people have had great success with is using tea tree oil to spot treat. It is usually recommended that you dilute a drop of tea tree essential oil in a couple drops carrier oil and apply for ten to fifteen minutes. It is important that you don’t apply it undiluted or leave it on for too long as essential oil is extremely concentrated and potent and can cause severe skin irritation if used incorrectly.

    Now that it’s morning, you will want to reduce redness. The safest and most common way to do this is to use a piece of ice. Rinse it with water before putting it on your blemish to keep from damaging your skin. Another popular method is to use redness relief eye drops. As long as you aren’t allergic, you can be sure it’s safe for your skin.

Ice and eye drops aren’t the only way to reduce redness. Redness on the skin is almost always caused by inflammation, and considering that a pimple is an infection, it makes sense. So, we fight the cause of the redness with anti-inflammatories. You may want to try taking ibuprofen or other oral anti-inflammatory, however, it is not recommended to do this often as taking too much ibuprofen, or taking it too often, can cause irritation to your stomach lining and cause more intrusive issues that may lead you to the doctor’s office.

A safer option is to use topical anti-inflammatories such as honey, aloe vera gel, or plain, unsweetened yogurt. Aloe vera will likely be your best bet as it is used even in some more medical situations to soothe the skin and get rid of inflammation. It is also a better choice for those who are too wary to put something they have in their kitchen on their skin.

Whatever you do, do not pick at or pop your acne. This will make it redder and more swollen, which will make it far more noticeable than it was before. If severe acne is a chronic issue for you, consider making a trip to the dermatologist. In rare cases, acne can be a sign of something more serious going on in the body.

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  1. Lisa Hill says:

    These all are best home remedies to treat acne. I applied baking soda paste and it has great bleaching properties that help in fading away marks and spots on the skin. I like this article so much. Thanks and keep sharing.

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