Spice Up Your Look with Legwear for Fall

While stores are already inundating us with images of Santa Claus and holiday decorations galore, it’s still only Fall! Even gals like me who live in the warmer climates can benefit from one of the hottest fashion trends this season — legwear!

Forget traditional pantyhose, ladies. This season, it’s all about unique, eye-catching legwear that will add a dash of personality to any outfit.

Keep reading for my top choices in legwear trends this season, and rock the look yourself!

Colored Legwear

Tights in bright, bold colors make a splash no matter what you are wearing. Choose a deep purple, teal, or chocolate brown (all hot colors for fall). You also can’t go wrong with deep burgundy, turquoise, or royal blue. If you really want to branch out, choose a wild color and work it! The tights are a perfect example of what colored legwear can look like!


Patterned legwear can be bold and sophisticated or demure and understated. Whatever your fashion personality, you can find a pattern that suits your tastes and outfit. Diamonds, stripes, and other patterns break up the monotony of one color and can be just what you need to complete your fall ensemble. These diagonal stripe tights are perfect for fall, and come in a rich chocolate brown color.


I love rockin’ the knee-high socks, and this season’s crop of fashionable designs are sure to please. From argyle to stripes to everything in between, dress up or dress down your favorite outfit. Knee-highs can be sexy without being overly so, and look great with a skirt. Try these gray and white argyle patterned knee-highs from Absolute Socks.

Over-the-Knee Socks

I like to think of over-the-knee socks as pseudo tights; they’re great to wear when you want the warmth of regular tights without the extra coverage conventional tights offer. Plus, they look phenomenal when you’re sporting boots! This season’s batch of over-the-knee legwear offers fun, funky patterns as well as more traditional themes for those of you who are a little hesitant about trying anything to “out there.” For a little dash of wildness, try these black and white checkered over-the-knee socks.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a little hesitant about wearing leggings. I don’t know if it’s the  fact that they bring back memories of elementary school (ewww!) or what, but after seeing this year’s offerings I’m tempted to give the look a try. They are great to wear under a skirt when it’s chilly outside but you don’t want to give up your summer wardrobe just yet! The pair from Bebe, offers gold zipper embellishments for extra flair.

Legwear can spice up your look instantly, and you don’t have to shell out a lot of money, either (an extra plus considering the state of the economy). Even if you’ve shied away from legwear before, this crop of ideas might inspire you to give them a try.

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