Special Diet for Muay Thai Enthusiasts

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When engaged in any form of exercise regimen whether for fitness or for a sports bout, an individual needs to follow a balanced and healthy diet. Those training for Muay Thai are no exception.

Muay Thai is an intensive training that works out the entire body most especially the arms, legs and stomach. As such, serious fighters and enthusiasts need to ensure their proper nutrition while undergoing training. Focus must be on healthy food particularly those rich in protein to achieve one’s goals. Fast food is a no-no.

Regardless of the type of Muay Thai enthusiast you are, healthy food and lots of water are a must.

Water for Hydration

People who train regularly at a Muay Thai gym should see to it that they are properly hydrated. While the regular requirement for any individual going through his normal routine is eight glasses of water every day, a fighter needs to drink more to make it 10 to 12 glasses containing eight ounces of water each on a daily basis. Water helps remove the toxins in the body and keep it in good working condition.

Do remember, however, to take small sips only during your training sessions. After each meal, it is recommended to drink one or two glasses of water to help in digestion.

Avoid too much soda, juice or beer. They contain caffeine (soda), too much sugar and calories (commercial juices) and alcohol (beer) which won’t do your body any good.

Health Food for Stamina

Protein is very important in building muscles and boosting one’s energy. A diet rich in protein will help in the fast regeneration of muscle tissues vital in keeping your body fit for fighting and training.

Muay Thai Bangkok enthusiasts can get protein from lean meats, low fat milk, yogurt, whey powder and protein bars. Add in some fruits, egg and nuts.

Those used to eating regular Thai food can already be assured of good nutrition. Local dishes in Thailand are normally very healthy as they include fresh ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, meat and rice which are energy giving foods. Their snacks often contain tasty fruits as well.

You may think that you are already following a healthy diet in your daily life but when you’re engaged in Muay Thai Bangkok, you need additional protein and water to keep your body in good working condition all the time. This should be coupled with a healthy lifestyle which means getting enough sleep and rest.

Discipline in the food you eat is as important as the discipline you practice in your mind and body while training. It spells a big difference in attaining success in this ancient form of Thai martial arts.

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