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Having a bright, sparkling set of teeth always gives you the courage to face and tickle the day. Having many dull, discolored teeth on the same note can pin you down and deprive you of your self-esteem to what would have been a productive day. However, with Gentle Touch Dental PC, dental specialists with profound experience in healthy teeth whitening care services are more than glad to see you get your pearly whites sparkling again. The cosmetic dentists’ team is compassionately ready to help you achieve the white set of teeth to the standard you have always desired through professional and at-home teeth whitening procedures that yield effective, convenient, and fast results. To get in touch with our experts in Falls Church teeth whitening offices, call or book an appointment via the online feature today.

Causes of Teeth Stains and Discoloration

Teeth changing in color to yellow or any other annoying appearance is usually gradual, and if not cautious, it might get to the extreme. Various reasons could lead to your teeth loosing their luminosity. Some of these causes cannot be managed, such as accidents, especially when we are young can interfere with how our enamels grow. Thus, it is prudent to seek the dentist’s intervention to know if the staining or discoloration is just by lifestyle factors like smoking, or more dental concerns. Consulting the dentist can guide you on the most suitable treatment for you in tooth whitening for cosmetic purposes.

Teeth Discoloration by Dental Health Care:

  •   Diseases – some medical treatments such as chemotherapy and neck or head radiation can cause the teeth to stain. Infections in expectant mothers can lead to the babies being born with teeth complications that could cause staining of teeth.
  •   Poor dental hygiene – not attending dental cleaning sessions can lead to stains beginning. Neglecting to brush or floss your teeth can also cause staining to start.
  •   Aging – The teeth’ translucency gradually deteriorates as you age, giving the teeth a darker look. The darkening results from the yellow dentin’s exposure due to the wearing out of the enamel.
  •   Medication – Some medications, such as antipsychotic drugs, tetracycline, and doxycycline, are known for staining children’s teeth, especially those below the age of 8.
  •   Trauma – children below eight years getting in accidents can distort the growth of the enamel. The trauma in adults can also limit blood flow in teeth, or the nerve dying due to injuries could cause discoloration.
  •   Environment – Fluoride from water sources causes fluorosis that stains the teeth with white-like spots.

Some of the lifestyle stain-causing agents include:

  •   Tobacco – chewing or smoking tobacco can badly discolor your teeth.
  •   Drinks/Foods – frequent consumption of potatoes or pasta, coffee, tea, starchy foods, wines, and colas are also good at staining the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options

They include:

Professional Teeth Whitening – is an in-office procedure whose performance is near under the monitoring of a bleaching dentist. At Gentle Touch Dental PC, the dentist applies their specialties to ensure optimal results are achieved. The whitening gel they use, like zoom, has a concentration able to give the desired results. Zoom has a comfortable fit with effectively fast results.

At-Home Whitening – the team first evaluates your teeth’ impression then designs a custom tray for you to go with it. You then have to apply the gel before fitting the tray, you will then notice results in 3 – 4 days.

For more information on our procedures, utilize the online booking tool or call the office today.

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