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We have all heard our parents say how important it is to get 8 full hours of sleep each night. Doctors also agree to the importance of proper sleep and rest. Getting a good night’s sleep is easier said than done, if the proper sleeping aids are missing.

Unstable Sleep Patterns

What affects a child’s ability to sleep and get the proper rest their body requires? There are several factors, all of which can easily be eliminated or at best, corrected.

Many homes are disrupted due to parents busy work schedules, sick relatives, unstable living conditions and lack of privacy. Some situations are beyond parent’s control, and often parents do the best they can. In cases where parents are in complete control of their child’s living and sleeping arrangements, parents are expected to enforce stricter sleeping patterns. Problems that affect a child’s inability to achieve the proper rest they need include:

  • Parents have a flexible work schedule
  • New baby in the house
  • Sharing a bed with a sibling or another relative
  • Unstable living arrangements
  • No routine or set schedule for nap time or bed time

Enforce Healthy Sleep

Here are some instances, where parents can implement healthy sleep for their children:

  • Provide a nice quiet, safe place to sleep
  • Ensure the child has an adequate comfortable mattress
  • Enforce nap times, at least once per day
  • Develop a routine sleeping schedule with uninterrupted sleep
  • Create a pattern that will allow children to go to bed early

Symptoms and Problems Associated with Lack of Sleep

Sleep allows the body to develop properly and function at maximum capacity. When children obtain their proper rest their attitude and social behaviour is up to par. Children who don’t get the proper rest they need often get themselves into trouble a lot. They are doing anything they can to stay awake, and this often means:

  • Acting out in class – disturbing others
  • Displaying signs of irritability
  • Poor work performs
  • Not being attentive in class
  • Sleeping or being lethargic

Positive Outcome with Proper Rest

When children get the proper rest they need, they are good citizens at home and especially at school. They are better able to listen and follow directions. Here is what a good nights’ sleep can do to enhance and improve a child mental and physical health:

  • More alert
  • Respond better in small groups
  • Interact with peers and adults in a positive manner
  • Score higher on tests and exams
  • More active in sports and other physical activities

A New Bed Can Promote Healthy Sleep

Sometimes a new mattress can make the world of difference between a bad day and a good day. Parents may not know what kind of mattress their child needs, or the differences a particular style of mattress plays in promoting good sleep.

Developing good sleep patterns begin at an early age. Parents can help their child develop good sleeping habits when they reach toddlerhood. Getting them their very own starter bed is the best way to introduce children to proper rest. If you want to find the perfect bed to help your children get a great night’s sleep, I recommend starting off by looking on the market for what’s new on the latest technology.

It’s a known fact that good sleep begins with a good mattress, a sturdy bed and a routine sleep schedule. Parents can make a positive impact on their child mental and physical well being, when they enforce stricter sleep patterns. Children are depending on their parents to help them develop into strong healthy teens and adults. The process begins with enforcing nap times and sleeping schedules, while children are still young.

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