Some more (or less) efficient ways to get a bigger bust!

Since a nicely shaped body means a bigger bust, too, a lot of women want to boost their breasts’ size. Some of them are using the surgery methods, while other search for other more “natural” ways to enhance their bust size.

A few options popular on the internet (more or less efficient), recommended to increase the bust, are:

  1. Papaya and milk smoothies – You should drink these smoothies every day. The mixture of papaya juice and milk seems to be a good combination for making your breasts grow. Nutrients and vitamins found in these two ingredients are supposed to enhance your breasts and plump them out. If you do not like the papaya – milk combination, you can try eating fresh papaya as an alternative.
  2. Massage with onion juice and turmenic – Fresh onion juice mixed with honey and turmeric (powder) seem to be useful in enlarging  the breasts’ size . The mixture is used to firm drooping breasts and prevent breasts from further sagging. You are supposed to massage breast with this mixture, then wear a bra throughout the day and overnight before bathing the following day.
  3. Eating protein – Eating more milk, eggs, peanut butter, lean fish, chicken and nuts, will make your body softer, more enhanced, and rounded out nicely.
  4. Herbal supplements – Using herbs for breast enlargement is not something new. Today, a lot of pills/supplements combine different herbs to simulate natural breast growth. These herbs have an estrogen-like effect on the body. Estrogen causes fluid retention in the breasts, increasing their size. The most popular herbs that simulate breast growth are:
  • Fenugreek- it contains diosgenin, which helps to produce a mastogenic effect which leads to breast enhacement;
  •  wild yam – a herbal tonic which contains compliment fenugreek for increasing breast size;
  •  fennel – it contains estrogenic compounds. get a bigger bust

The herbal supplements are not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women and for those who have an illness.

  1. Applying breasts’ cream – These creams should tighten, lift and firm the bust, making the breasts appear nicer and larger.
  2.  Gym workout- You can make your breasts appear bigger, firmer and shapelier by working your pectoral muscles/your chest muscles. Using modified push-ups, dumbbell flyes, and declined push-ups can help build muscle and lift and shape breasts.
  3. Breast massage – This method is a medically recommended component of lymphatic drainage massage and part of traditional Ayurvedic and Lomi Lomi massage.


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