Some facts to know about addiction recovery

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Do you think you know everything about addiction and its recovery? You must know the basic facts but there are still ample of stereotypes and myths which you should know.

Medical findings, and long years of experience of neurosurgeons focused on behavioural medicine, offer a window into the world of addiction and its recovery process.  If you are suffering to cope up with a drug or alcohol addiction, there are a few facts you must know:

Addiction is not what you choose, but recovery is:

Most of the individuals think that addiction is all about the lack of willpower. But it’s not true all the time, in case of many individuals, they do not choose to become seriously addicted.

Genetic factors could influence a person’s tendency for addiction. Often peer pressure or family upbringing play a great role behind a person’s habit of alcohol or drug’s consumption.

As doctors concludes that neurological differences exist in individuals who are extremely addicted with any particular substance.

Prescription drugs could lead a person to become addicted:

Prescription drug consumption has become a huge factor of recent times. You, like other consumers, may believe that getting high with these legally prescribed substances is not a big deal like using the illegal ones.

According to experts, anti-anxiety drugs or prescription painkillers can be effective and safe while using as prescribed.  But you should know that these medicines are no safer than the illegal street drugs. The prescribed ones affect your brain the same way an illegal one does. You might seek medical advice to get rid of the addiction of prescribed drugs too.

Addiction takes long healing time

Like arthritis, diabetes and heart diseases, addiction too is a chronic disease.  You can manage the habits but you cannot fully overcome it. The process of recovery takes too long just like other chronic diseases. You may experience a relapse; try to find out the reason in spite of losing hope.  Treat the issue as a learning process and not like a failure.

Multiple habits are not uncommon:

Are you addicted to more than one substance? Well, it’s quite common. Some people combine cocaine and heroin in a way called speedballing. There are many instances of multiple addictions which can be cured via a comprehensive rehab program.

Instances of addictions take place in every demographic:

Addiction does not segregate, it affects individuals from every demographic. Race, gender and backgrounds do not make difference when it comes to alcohol and drug addiction. It is very natural to find out a vast range of addicted people from all layers of the society.

If you or some of your loved one suffer while trying to recover from the addictions, seek the help of any good neuro-engineer who has experience in helping people to get rid of their disputes for a very long period.

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