Sleep – The New Weight Loss Secret

identical twins sleep

A new study came up with a surprising health benefit of sleep. Now you can sleep your way to your weight loss success.

The genetic problem regarding weight loss is one of those unfair things that so many overweight and obese people have to deal with. Even if you are not eating enough, your gene will make sure to keep you fat!

Not anymore. This new cool study done on identical twins came up with surprising results. Those that were taking more than 9 hours sleep during the night time were less fat.

Why identical twins? Identical twins have similar genetics. So basically, any change that occurs will be due to environmental factors.

This way, the researchers find out the reasons, other than the genes that are responsible for a particular problem. In this case, it is the weight gain.

The study was done on identical twins and non-identical twins. The identical once share the same gene and this difference in sleep time was a major factor in the weight gain or loss in the twins compared to the non-identical ones. Those that got more sleep, that is over 9 hours a night sleep, showed less weight gain. Thus it is known that if you get more sleep then the genes that are supposed to make you over weight, fails to do so.

Apart from this, sleep helps in weight loss in many more ways. Imagine you are a night guy, that is, one that sleeps late in the night. What do you do, apart from watching TV or wasting time on your computer? You eat! Munching on snacks in the night time does sound like a great idea, but it contributes to a major weight gain in the process. Now if you were sleeping tight for hours it would had been a different case.

Anyway, here are a few quick health benefits of sleep, just to let you know that it is not just the weight loss that you should be thinking about. Sleeping has other health benefits too.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Sleep

Live Longer – We have discussed this in the past. A good 8 to 10 hours of night time sleeping can help you to live past 100 years.
Heart Health – Sleeping enough keeps your blood pressure under control and thus improves your heart’s health.
Improves memory – Sleep and dream helps in improving your memory.
Damage Repair – Sleep helps in the repair of your body.
Keeps you alert – Sleep refreshes you and thus you stay more alert.

So, in short, if you sleep more, the obesity gene is somehow suppressed, and it does not contributor to your weight gain, and less sleep means that your obesity gene is going to work over time, thus making you overweight or obese.

Am already feeling sleepy, what about you?

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