Skin Care Tips for Men

men skin care

It’s not all that common to see a man worried about skincare, but it is becoming increasingly common, and rightly so. Men that are good to themselves and care about the way they look used to be mocked, but nowadays and increasing number of women demand that from their man. The world of facial care, therefore, is no longer one where women rule supreme. Men now have their own products and their own market niches, and as more men seek out to improve their complexion and the way they look, the more the market expands. But there are still some questions lingering in people’s minds. Why would a man have to care about his skin, if he doesn’t wear makeup? And what can a man do, exactly, to make his skin look better ?

There’s not much that affects the skin of a woman that doesn’t affect the one of a man: pollution, sunlight, water, etc. as well as the passage of time, which makes the skin lose elasticity. But there is one thing that men have that’s a clear disadvantage: shaving. Shaving irritates the skin like nothing else, and the more you shave, the worse it gets. And this is especially true for these modern multi-blade razors that are in the market, since instead of a blade cutting through your upper layers of skin, you’ve got three or four, maybe more, at a time. Of course, you can’t go without shaving and electric shavers aren’t a convenient solution for everyone, nor are the old fashioned razors. So use a quality, one blade razor and a good shaving cream for your face. Avoid after-shave lotions with a lot of alcohol in them as well – there are some that are simply soothing lotions with moisturizer which are a much better option.

Asides from shaving, there are other things you can do you’re your skin. Please note that this isn’t something that necessarily needs to take up much of your time. In fact, just five minutes per day, including shaving time, is enough to keep your skin in excellent condition.

Before bed, wash your face with a mild soap – nothing too strong or too abrasive – and rinse with cold water. This should be enough to clean your pores and get all the day’s dirt out of your face before you get to sleep.  For those of you looking for a deeper cleanse, or that have skin conditions that require this, you can go one step further. Twice a week wash your face with a deep cleanser. Use a towel to rub it lightly and rinse off with warm water this time.

Finally, one of the most neglected aspects of having good skin is eating a healthy diet. This is a surprise for many people, but the truth is what you eat, in a way, ends up on your skin and is released out of your pores. So eating healthy food will make your pores and skins less greasy and will help keeping up with your skin’s elasticity.

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