Simple Guide to Healing After Tooth Extraction

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You couldn’t smile, chew, or talk properly, thanks to the intense tooth pain resulting from cavities. Even your favorite Chinese cuisine stop at Tarzana a few blocks from your house no longer amuses you. However, you can now resume normalcy after undergoing a Tarzana tooth extraction by your cosmetic dentist, who made it painless.

In case you are wondering how best to care for yourself for complete healing, here’s a review. There are specific activities you should uphold, while others you should stay clear away from them entirely as outlined below:

1.    Liquid Only Diet

Immediately after your tooth extraction, avoid consuming hard foodstuffs. Instead, focus solely on liquids such as tea, milk, soup, and even porridge. To give a more satisfying feeling, you can blend foodstuffs into a smooth pulp that is easy to swallow. Smoothies are one of the best options.

Consuming a sufficient supply of water is vital in your recovery journey after tooth extraction.

2.    Cold Drinks Are Welcome

Contrary to a popular myth against taking cold drinks, taking one will help you get some much-needed comfort in alleviating your discomfort. It will also give you a numbing effect in your mouth, especially along the gums.

Having an ice cream is also ideal as it will reduce the swelling effects on your gums. Sometimes, in the event of swelling, you may need to incorporate an ice pack application gently to the site of the tooth extraction.

3.    What to Avoid

There are several foodstuffs you should avoid following your tooth extraction. These can include hot/spicy food, acid-rich foodstuff like oranges, and even extremely hard foodstuffs.

Hard foodstuffs can cause a shift in teeth’ location, with the increase of extra space following teeth extraction. If you are a smoker, avoid smoking for a few days after the procedure as it increases your chance of developing an infection to your gums.

Carbonated drinks are also detrimental to your recovery journey as it can affect the blood clot formations and stay in place. Furthermore, avoid poking around the site as you may introduce infections. You may also trigger unnecessary bleeding with the destruction of the already formed clot in the tooth extraction site.

You may also rest for a while and avoid exerting pressure in the area with the truth extraction. It would also help if you allowed the site to develop a clot after the extraction, and avoid tampering with it as it can expose you to infections.

4.    The Foods to Take

After some time, you can take soft foodstuffs such as mashed food. It will keep you full for longer without exerting too much pressure on your teeth and gums following a tooth extraction.

You may experience slight bleeding for up to seventy-two hours after tooth extraction; however, if the bleeding continues intensively, consult your dentist even after a few days.

You may also need to take pain relievers and antibiotics if you are experiencing unmanageable discomfort and pain. Always inform your tooth extraction specialist if you experience any other suspicions.

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