Simple But Helpful Ways To Stay in Shape

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Use A Pedometer

Most physicians will advise a regular Joe to take at least 10,000 steps a day. If you have a pedometer, this will help you determine if you have reached that many steps. By using a pedometer, you can make sure that you are getting the minimum required exercise that your body needs.

If you don’t meet this requirement, it is a must for you to find different ways on how to be this active in a day. This will help you maintain your weight, balance your cholesterol and blood pressure.  If you do not have a pedometer, you can download an app in your smartphone that functions the same way a pedometer does.

Walk Hastily

You don’t have to run 10 miles everyday. If you can, good for you! If you can’t, simply walking faster than your normal pace will really help. Instead of riding your car to the mall, you can take a subway. This will force you to move quicker than you are normally used to. If this is not an option, you can walk your dog. In fact, you can walk your neighbours’or someone else’s dog if you have to. When you walk fast, you burn more calories.


Commuting is tiring. But it has many benefits for your health. Aside from it pushing you to walk distances, commuting allows you to get some Vitamin D from the sun.

Don’t sit For Long Periods Of Time

One of the main causes of chronic back pain is sitting for more than an hour. Always remember to at least stand up and walk a bit. Many office workers are affected by this. One suggestion we can make is to use a smaller cup for water.

This will allow you to stand up once in a while to replenish your thirst while working. This will not only relieve and alleviate your back pain, this will also help you burn more calories. You can even stretch your muscles if you want.

Dance In The Shower

Everybody sings in their shower. Why not incorporate a little bit of dance moves in there? Just put a rubber mat on the floor so you won’t slip.

Use Dietary Supplements

It may not work for everyone, but weight management supplements could help you burn fat.  More and more people recommends garcinia cambogia. It is the most popular dietary supplement at the moment. You can try yourself too but ask your doctor fist.

Do Household Chores In Intervals

Some people don’t get the exercise their body needs. But there are some people who compensate it without actually meaning to. If you plan to break a sweat without leaving your home, you can always do household chores.

You can mop and scrub the floors, clean the carpets, wipe the windows, wash your clothes and even wash your car. Try to do all these chores moderately. Too much cleaning may leave you tired. This will now hinder you from doing other household chores. Do everything in a pace that you are able to do, but still breaking a sweat.

Choose An Active Holiday

Staying at home on your days off will only contribute to weight gain. Instead of staying at home, watching television, why not pick an outdoor activity that you, your friends and family can enjoy?

You can go camping, hiking, even swimming! You can also play catch with your dog and throw a Frisbee while you are at it.

Reduce Or Permanently Stop Sodas

We all know that sodas contain a lot of sugar. It is believed that one glass of soda contains 7 tablespoons of sugar. That is an alarming amount of sugar. If you drink sodas  three times a day, that is equivalent to 21 tablespoons of sugar!

When you avoid sugary food in your diet, you will feel really cranky at first. In fact, your cravings will persist for a while. You just have to make sure that you are determined to cut down the staggering amounts of sugar that you put inside your body. You can always substitute your sweet cravings with slices of apple, or any sweet fruits. Just make sure you do it in moderation.

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