Signs of Snoring and When to See a Specialist for Treatment


Everybody snores at one point in their lives. It could be due to their sleeping position or a symptom of sleeping disorders such as apnea. While it may not call for medical attention, too much of it can be a sign of a severe sleeping disorder that only Newport Beach snoring can handle. Luckily, Alexis Furze MD and her team are ready to help you or someone you love to have a peaceful night’s rest through innovative treatments and surgeries. Read on to find out what they have to say about snoring symptoms and signs that it is time to see a specialist.

What snoring feels like

Snoring happens mostly at night as soon as a person switches off to sleep. The symptoms include whistling, breathing, or hoarse sounds. In extreme circumstances, it may make a sound that mimics the engine of a tractor. When diagnosing snoring that warrants medical attention, a specialist may try to determine its pitch, intensity, and frequency.

When to see a specialist for snoring

Seek the help of a snoring specialist if you experience the following:

Being exhausted after sleeping

An average person should have a peaceful night’s rest of between six and eight hours. Your body should be active once you wake up. But when you notice that you are fatigued during the day, the chances are you could be having obstructive sleep apnea. This prevents your body from utilizing sufficient oxygen that is needed for sleep.

Dozing off during the day

Your brain is programmed in a way that it relaxes as soon as you lie on your bed. During regular waking hours, your body is supposed to be active. So if you find yourself dozing off in weird settings, you could be having a condition known as narcolepsy.

You are sleeping next to a partner who snores

The thought of having to endure the whistling or buzzing sounds of a snoring partner is not only unfathomable, but it could be a sign that they are not well-rested. You do not have to compromise your peace of mind. Schedule a consultation on their behalf.

If you are battling chronic nasal congestion

The nose plays a vital role in inviting air to your lungs. For some reason, it can get congested when you are suffering from a condition such as rhinitis or enlarged tonsils. A snoring specialist can examine you to find out whether your snoring is a symptom of an underlying air resistance condition.

Snoring can only be ignored when it happens once in a while. But if it is interfering with your partner’s peaceful night’s sleep and it happens every night, then it is time to see a doctor for evaluation. You might not understand what is causing it even if you try to change your sleeping position and take sleep medication. If your partner is snoring, make a point of accompanying them to see a doctor. For more information on snoring, its causes, and treatment options, see a snoring expert today.

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