Shutter Solutions – Tips To Improve Your Home’s Interior


Want to give your home an overhaul and improve your interior? There’s so many small changes you can make that will completely revamp your look and won’t break the bank. Even the smallest of changes can significantly give your home’s interior a completely different look. From window coverings that let in more natural light to repainting your living room, there’s so many different elements to consider when approaching the task of improving the look of your home. Consider the following information when planning your remodel for a modern and sleek aesthetic.

Window Coverings

Choosing the right window dressing is key to perfecting your look. Plantation shutters have proven to be a popular choice this year as they give your room a free and open plan feel whilst sheltering the room from the sun and controlling the temperature. Venetian blinds also offer a light and spacious quality to your decor that make a great alternative to heavy, dark curtains.


It’s easy to convert confined and dark rooms into open and airy spaces that are welcoming and desirable simply by updating your lighting. Why not purchase a tall floor lamps to brighten a corner or a small table lamp to create a cozy, warm feel. You could even take it one step further and replace the ceiling fixtures, there’s a huge range of modern masterpieces on the market for you to choose from that create a new interesting focal point for the room.


Nothing gives your room a new lease of life more than a fresh coat of paint. Whether you sharpen up your existing colour or start from scratch with a new colour palette it’s a sure way to revamp your interior. When painting it’s vital to prepare, as you don’t want unsightly drips and smudges that will make you regret ever deciding to repaint in the first place. If you’re unsure about what colours to choose why not try a test patch first, let it dry and then check you’re happy with it before painting the rest of the walls.


Changing your flooring can give an entirely different look and feel to a room, whether you’re thinking of having a new carpet fitted or opting for laminate/wood flooring there are hundreds of flooring options available. Alternatively, you may prefer tiles if you’re thinking of updating your kitchen or bathroom floor, whilst there’s also underfloor heating that will keep your floors warm even on the coldest of days. These are particularly useful in bathrooms where it’s likely that you’ll get water on the floor following a bath or shower, as the water will evaporate which can reduce the risk of slipping/falling on the wet floor.

Update your Bathroom

Replacing your bathroom suite is costly. But what if you could update your bathroom at a fraction of the cost. Changing fixtures and fittings such as door knobs and faucets will instantly give you a reconditioned look. Changing from scratched old gold tap fittings to new shiny chrome ones will have a huge impact. A shower curtain is also easily replaceable and can influence the whole look of a room. A clean white curtain is a budget friendly addition which will create a skeel and modern feel.


Making small changes can dramatically refresh your home and there are so many ways of doing so. Whether you’re fully updating a room or just touching it up, improving your home’s interior doesn’t need to be hard work. As such, by considering these points and dedicating a few hours to your much loved home you can give it the overhaul it needs without breaking the bank.

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