Shoulder Injury Treatment in La Jolla


Shoulder injuries can result in debilitating pain and make it impossible for you to perform your daily functions. To prevent the worsening of the situation, you require immediate medical attention to relieve the pain. At Upper Extremity of Synergy Orthopedic Specialists Medical Group, you will find experts who treat shoulder injuries in La Jolla. The experts have experience in offering effective treatment to various shoulder ailments.

What are the common shoulder injuries that can be treated at the clinic?

Shoulders are one of the most mobile parts of your body, and this increases the risk of developing injuries. Shoulder movement is made possible by a complex network of tendons, bones, and muscles that enable shoulders to perform a wide range of motion. These increase the likelihood of developing conditions such as:

  •   Fractures
  •   Tendonitis
  •   Arthritis
  •   Rotator cuff tears
  •   Instability
  •   Impingement
  •   Bursitis
  •   Arthritis

You can suffer acute shoulder injuries in different circumstances, such as when playing a sport, in a car accident, or falling. However, many shoulder injuries result from repetitive movements that increase wear and tear.

At the clinic, the experts can offer treatment to all kinds of shoulder injuries, whatever the cause of the condition. If you are a sports person engaging in sports like tennis, swimming, and cricket, you can visit the facility to obtain effective treatment solutions.

Symptoms of shoulder injuries

Though several injuries can go unnoticed, it can reach a point where the problem progresses, resulting in pain. The following signs can notify your that you have a shoulder injury:

  •   Stiffness
  •   Weakness in your hand
  •   Tingling sensations in your hands and arms
  •   Limited range of motion
  •   You might feel like your upper arm bone might slide out the socket

Treatment of shoulder injuries

The staff at the facility offer all-round treatment services providing relief to all shoulder injuries. They use surgical and nonoperative treatments such as:

  •   Medication
  •   Full and partial shoulder replacement
  •   Compression and immobilization
  •   Reparative orthopedics
  •   Anti-inflammatory injections
  •   Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  •   Bone preserving shoulder arthroplasty
  •   Shoulder instability procedures
  •   Capsular reconstruction

Surgical procedures are only performed after all other nonsurgical procedures have proved ineffective in treating your condition, or if the injury requires immediate surgery.

The specialists also administer physical therapy to their patients as it enables you to maintain flexibility and strength of your arm during and after your treatment. The team at the center is committed to ensuring you recover from your injuries and get back to regular daily routines.

Other services offered at the center

The doctors at the facility specialize in treating shoulder injuries and provide additional treatment services, including:

  •   Wrist injuries
  •   Hand injuries
  •   Elbow injuries
  •   Sports medicine
  •   Regenerative orthopedics

Why choose to get treated at the center

The doctors at the clinic are passionate about their practice and have dedicated their careers to offering effective treatment services to all their patients. You will find a caring team of professionals who are focused on your full recovery quickly. They offer free consultation and advice on the best way you will manage your condition. Call the center to book an appointment and get relief from your condition and return to regular activities.

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