Should You Swap Your Trifocals For Newer Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses or progressive additional lenses (PALs) have slowly become every optician’s favourite. With an edge above its predecessors in both comfort and design, these lenses have become quite popular among eyeglass wearers. Glasses with these lenses are used to not only correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness but also to correct astigmatism.

Also known as varifocals by some, these lenses are used extensively due to their ‘no-line’ design. They have a gradual change in lens power from top to bottom, without any power ‘jumps’ that bifocals and trifocals are known for.

Are progressive lenses for you?

If you are over 40, you may have problems reading newspapers and books from a short distance. This condition is usually called presbyopia or long-sightedness and it usually develops when the lens in your eye loses elasticity. Discovering that you have presbyopia can cause a drastic change to your lifestyle. This means you have to carry a pair of reading glasses everywhere you go! And it is more problematic if you are already myopic!

Although surgeries can correct some forms of presbyopia, these procedures are invasive and not always safe. Your doctor may have recommended you swapping your bifocals or trifocals with progressives.

Additionally, progressive lenses are also recommended to children as a preventive measure for myopia.

How progressive lenses can benefit you?

  • One pair of spectacles that you can wear everywhere. With progressives on your eyes, you don’t have to carry around a pair of reading glasses everywhere you go. One pair suffices whether you’re working in your office, binge-watching Netflix with your significant other or even reading your favourite book!
  • A progressive lens means no vision jumps. Bifocals have a power jump that can cause problems with vision. A progressive lens, on the other hand, works perfectly fine because the power change is not sudden.
  • Nobody suspects a thing. Glasses fitted with progressive additional lenses just look like your everyday glasses.

Where to buy them?

If you have made your mind to switch to progressive lenses, you can buy progressive glasses from your local optician or any online eyewear retailer.

Specscart, an eyewear retailer, has amazing deals for multifocal progressive lenses. With half a dozen eyewear brands, Specscart provides you quality eyewear in a wide range of design.

Unfortunately, Progressive lenses have disadvantages too!

  • Progressive lenses are expensive. They need to be fitted and can cost a little more than traditional bifocals and trifocals. If not fitted correctly, they can cause headaches and dizziness.
  • Adjustment can be tacky. As great as progressive lenses sound, adjusting to these can take a week and even a month for some. Some people cannot adjust to these glasses at all.

Fortunately for you, Specscart has just the service you need. They allow free returns for a month from the purchase date. So, if you think your eyes cannot adjust to varifocals you can always return them without any questions asked.

If you’re thinking of mitigating the cost that comes with these lenses, you can upgrade to new lenses while keeping your old glasses frame. Specscart provides customers with a glasses lens replacement replacement service without a lot of expense.

Fittings for progressive glasses have to be fully precise. And if you want to get perfectly fit progressive glasses, you can get an eye test at one of the Specscart stores in Manchester. “Not only do we take great care in crafting varifocal lenses, but we also do everything we can to make your adjustment to progressive lenses easier. Our various lens coatings (blue light protection, UV-protection) only add to the comfort of your progressive glasses lenses.” they said.

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