Should You Have Chemical Peels or Laser Treatments for Your Skin?


If you are considering having some sort of clinical treatment for your skin, your biggest challenge will be selecting one. Many forms of treatment are available. Among the most popular options are laser procedures and chemical peel procedures. When deciding between the two, you must compare the processes, costs, expectations and other factors to make your final decision. Here is a brief overview of how the two compare to each other.

How Both Are Used for Peel Procedures

Chemical peels involve the use of specific chemical mixtures to treat the skin. They are approved mixtures using acids that are safe for skincare treatment. Each chemical peel is slightly different, depending on the chemicals used. Some are meant to remove debris only from the surface. Others can strip away imperfections from several skin layers. You must select the peel intensity appropriate for your desired results.

Laser devices perform similar peel procedures, but they are performed using very different processes. In the case of a peel treatment using lasers equipment, your skin will be targeted with a focused beam of laser light. That beam will also create a lot of heat. The light and heat combination will help to remove dead skin cells and other materials from the outer layer of your skin. Such Laser Treatment For Face can also promote long-term healing.

How Lasers Are Otherwise Used

An extra consideration when thinking about laser treatment for your skin is the diversity of lasers and the procedures they can perform. In addition to peels, they can perform targeted treatments or widespread general revitalization procedures on your skin. You must talk to your clinician to determine how lasers can best help you, if you are considering procedures beyond simple peels.

A Comparison of Chemical Peel and Laser Procedure Costs

Chemical peels and laser procedures can both be somewhat expensive endeavors. However, chemical peels are, on average, cheaper options. They typically cost approximately $800 per procedure. However, those costs can vary a bit, depending on the clinic and the exact type of chemical peel being performed. The location and reputation of the clinic you choose may have an impact on the price.

The costs of laser procedures are somewhat more unpredictable. The intensity of the procedure and the size of the section of skin to be treated can both influence the price. Also, each clinic sets its own rates, meaning two clinics may charge different amounts for comparable treatments. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to several thousands of dollars for a laser treatment.

Physical and Financial Impacts of Laser and Chemical Procedures

When you show up for a chemical peel or laser procedure at your local clinic, your clinician will do his or her best to make you comfortable. Numbing or cooling procedures may be used to minimize discomfort during the procedures themselves, especially laser treatment. You may see some improvement soon after treatment, but the full positive impact of many treatments may take days or weeks to become apparent.

Regardless of the procedure you choose, you should also be prepared to repeat it, as needed. A laser or chemical peel can improve the appearance of your skin after a single treatment. However, those results will not last forever. You may opt to repeat the process to maintain the healthier look, as time passes. In some cases, it may also take several treatments before you see positive results at all.

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