Sexual Issues That a Gynecologist Could Deal With

Most women might find it challenging to know what is expected and what could be a potential sign of reproduction health problems. Even when you are embarrassed about asking questions about your female reproduction, you should rely on the help of gynecologists such as those at Contemporary Women’s Care. Gynecologists will help you without any judgments as they understand the female reproductive issues.

Painful Periods

You could have an unpleasant time during your periods as you may have cramps, breast soreness, and headaches.  Sometimes you could have pain that goes beyond the normal cramps, and it could be an indication of other underlying problems like uterine fibroids or endometriosis. Your gynecologist could help diagnose these issues and come up with a treatment plan as both conditions are manageable.

Swellings and Growth in the Female Reproductive System

Growths and swellings that are on the vagina and labia are not typical and should prompt you to see a doctor. Some bumps could occur as a result of shaving in the area or due to ingrown hairs, but you should be concerned if they are persistent. Your doctor could examine the bumps to ensure that they are not a result of infections such as genital warts or herpes.  Warts and genital herpes lesions may clear after a week after treatment, and a doctor could come up with a plan that helps prevent future recurrent outbreaks.

Vagina Odor

Talking about a smell in your private area might be uncomfortable, but it is essential to let your gynecologist know about vaginal odor changes. Vaginal odors are normal and you could know your familiar smell, and slight changes should come to the attention of your gynecologist. An overgrowth of bacteria or vaginal infection could cause changes in the smell of the vaginal fluids.

Sexual Discomfort

Sex should come natural and free of discomfort, and any discomfort may be an indication of problems that a gynecologist could treat. Some forms of sexual discomfort include:

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness during sex could occur at any age and especially in women who have been on birth control for a long time. It could also be an indication of low levels of estrogen. Before sex you should engage in foreplay that allows arousal and reducing dryness. Postmenstrual dryness could be dealt with vaginal estrogen prescription.

Pain during Sex

Your gynecologist could advise you to try different positions till you find one that is comfortable. Lubrications could help with pain during sex, as most of the pain comes from dryness. Lubricants may not help if you have bleeding after sex, and a gynecologist might have to do further investigation into your problem.


Telling your gynecologist about your sexual history and reproduction problems could help you live a healthy sex life. Some sexual problems you are likely to face can be treated, and a gynecologist could help come up with a solution that prevents any future recurrence of the issue. Your gynecologist could discuss the risk factors that predispose you to sexual issues and illness and give you potential ramifications and ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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