Seven Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Life


Yoga is a meditative activity that involves your entire body. It is an exercise embodied with spiritual benefits along with physical benefits. In the health and wellness community, you will find that there is no better workout than yoga. All the other exercises appear to be a rage outlet, but this exercise makes you inherently calm with its complex poses and slow, deep nature. There are many yoga poses that are suitable for the beginners and they can reap benefits from it greatly. However, some of the yoga poses are really difficult and you will find that it is harder to perform them right in the start.

  1. Your New Hobby

So today, I am giving you reasons to adopt yoga and I’m sure by the end of this post you will be convinced of yoga’s benefits, simply because they are undeniable! Do you find yourself constantly uttering the phrase “I’m bored”? Then this activity can become your new hobby. That’s right; don’t look any further for a way to kill your time. Instead, use it for a constructive activity like yoga. The biggest catch is that you would know you are not just merely wasting your time instead you’re using it to do something amazing. Think of it this way, you’re learning something new. This has got to be fun! If you don’t know how to do yoga you can start by joining a club, and if you don’t have the money for it you can learn by various YouTube channels.

  1. No Depression!

Isn’t this one of the perkiest reason so far? Oops, I have only given two yet. But either way, you’ll find that the biggest catch of falling into the habit of doing yoga is that it alleviates most of your stress and anxiety. You will feel free of burden and you won’t be anxious anymore. Yoga has been around for ages now; there are so many different ways of practicing this ancient art and you will find that a few of the methods are especially very relaxing for the body. Also, there are poses that are specific to healing the depression and anxiety. You can easily find them if your look up on YouTube or your instructor can guide you in this regard as well. The way you keep your mind clear during the stretches helps a lot with tackling anxiety.

  1. It Makes You Calm

Since yoga is known to have reduced the symptoms of anxiety in people and I have experienced that firsthand as well, I have found that it can be especially rewarding if you want to become a calmer person. I have a very short temper and I tend to get irritated easily. I always thought that it was probably me in my natural state of mind but that is not true. Once I started practicing yoga I was able to figure out how much of a calm person I am and how I can become calmer. It helps you achieve this state of inner peace and that’s all you exude once you have achieved it. Peace. It becomes your emblem, like a personality trademark. I can’t help but thank my friend who encouraged me to perform yoga for all my problems. I wouldn’t have been in this state now if not for her suggestions.

  1. Better At Athletics

I figured that yoga played a great role in increasing my overall flexibility and strength. I felt so much stronger than before when I practiced yoga. Exercises involved in yoga are supposed to sharpen our reflexes and they also improve our range of emotions. After reading about the numerous advantages of yoga over the internet, I decided that it was time to give it a try. I watch a couple of YouTube videos on beginner yoga, rolled out my mat and started practicing. And since that day I have been absolutely addicted to doing yoga and it is one addiction I do not regret. I have been playing basketball since my teens but I figured that when I started practicing yoga I was suddenly so much better at game. This certainly wasn’t a coincident. It was yoga strengthening my reflexes and muscles, increasing my stamina.

  1. Align The Chakras

As I have mentioned right in the start, yoga is not merely a physical exercise. It is also meant to heal your chakras. Performing various poses of yoga can lead you to aligning all six chakras. There are different yoga poses for different chakras and whenever you have a closed chakra, you can definitely get help with opening it through yoga. For example, specific poses are dedicated to the sacral chakra and they can help correct your endocrine system as well as boost your sexuality. The crown chakra deals with the anxiety and stress primarily therefore in order to correct that issue you would focus on crown chakra poses such as the headstand. Normally, most of the yoga poses have effect on all body parts but there are some poses that have been designated to specific chakras.

  1. Getting Healthy

The first obvious change that you will observe in your lifestyle is that you will start becoming a healthier individual. When we make one positive change in our lives it attracts other positive changes as well. So when you start to practice yoga you will instantly observe that your choices will change altogether. You will see that your sleep-week cycle has been realigned and that you’re making better food choices. You will probably start staying away from all the junk food and eat more salads. Your breakfast will have smoothies more often. I have observed this change in my own lifestyle and therefore I can safely vouch for it.

  1. More Spiritual

You will also notice that you are becoming more and more spiritual as the time passes. Yoga is a great spiritual exercise and it gets you in touch with your own higher self. With practicing yoga, you will experience a sudden detachment from the material world. It’s like a veil has been removed and you will realize that everything feels much, much better! Before I started practicing yoga I always had this sense of restlessness attached to my being. But lately I feel more at peace and happy with who I am and what I do. I have become a more cheerful person who loves to help people around. When you start to believe that there exists a power higher than you, everything seems to fall in place. Believing in something, and having a faith is probably the only thing that helps us get through the life and yoga does that for you.

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