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A woman’s health does not have to focus on pregnancy and childbearing necessarily. Women care about how they feel and look. Sometimes a woman wants to talk about her girl issues with a fellow woman who also goes through the same wars, and can offer the best advice based on personal experiences. When a woman specialist in obstetrics is your choice, Suncoast Women’s Care is the facility you should plan to visit. If you are looking for an OBGYN in Trinity, Suncoast Women’s Care offers services in a comfortable environment where you will feel relaxed sharing your issues. Under the expert knowledge of Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, her professional team in gynecological problems offer their patients various services like vaginal tightening and wellness, body contours, and expert help for high-risk pregnancies.

What are the gynecology services offered at Suncoast Women’s Care?

Vaginal Revitalization

With age, a woman’s vaginal tissues relax and dry up, resulting in a sexual function issue. When the tissues are lax, non-invasive treatments can revitalize the vaginal tissues and improve their health. The experts at the facility use TempSure Vitalia radiofrequency technology to tighten your relaxed vaginal tissues. During the fast and painless treatment, your tissues are heated to activate collagen production. With this specialized treatment, there is no downtime; you will have your results immediately. The number of TempSure Vitalia treatments will depend on your specific needs. A gynecologist will recommend a series of radiofrequency technology treatments or combine it with hormone replacement therapy to restore your sexual health. However, before your doctor starts the treatment, she will do a physical examination to evaluate your vaginal tissues’ health.

Skin Tightening

Everyone loves looking youthful with facial contours that express beauty. However, with age, your skin starts to loosen because of the slowed-down production of collagen and elastin that help the skin remain firm. When the skin loses its volume and elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines start to show up. Skin tightening experts at Suncoast Women’s Care use TempSure Envi that uses radiofrequency energy to heat tissues deep beneath your skin. As a result, the collagen produced rejuvenates the youthful glow in your skin.

The most common symptoms that skin tightening addresses include:

  •         Loose neck skin
  •         Wrinkles, creases, and fine lines
  •         Smile lines
  •         Forehead lines
  •         Crow’s feet
  •         Sagging jowls

High-Risk Pregnancy

When pregnancy is termed high-risk, it is associated with complications that threaten the mother or baby’s life, or both. A woman can develop a high-risk pregnancy at any period during her pregnancy. However, your chances of a threatening pregnancy are high when you suffer from:

  •         Lung, kidney, or heart condition
  •         Diabetes and other systemic illnesses
  •         Auto-immune diseases
  •         High blood pressure
  •         Previous miscarriages
  •         HIV and other viral infections
  •         Sexually transmitted diseases
  •         Genetic factors

However, you may also experience a high-risk pregnancy when you develop some conditions when you are pregnant. These conditions include:

  •         Gestational diabetes
  •         Premature labor
  •         Fetal development issues
  •         Placenta Previa
  •         Preeclampsia

Dr. Torres advises you not to hesitate to visit your obstetrician when you notice a slight abnormal symptom during pregnancy.

No more feeling embarrassed talking about your gynecological problems. Schedule an appointment today with some of the most efficient women obstetricians for any worry or request you have.

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