Self Defense Classes for Fitness and Confidence

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The streets can be a dangerous place at any time of day, no matter where you live, and as women we are particularly aware of personal safety. It is no fun to be afraid all the time, and getting some extra self-confidence and skills in a self defense class can help you gain the mental and physical strength you need to be better prepared to handle yourself in a tricky situation.

Self defense can refer to a number of things. Historically, traditional martial arts classes were where women went if they wanted to learn the art of protecting themselves against attackers. Pretty much every martial art from eastern Asia has a basis in defensive action, and so if you committed yourself to learning a martial art, you got the defense moves along the way, as part of a larger system. These days, although you can still go the martial arts route if you wish to, they also have dedicated self defense classes which teach specific protection and escape techniques across a variety of disciplines. Aspects are drawn from many different martial arts, and combined with some training in modern street smarts and common sense. You learn all the standard moves, but you also learn how to use them in the context of your urban life, along with some helpful tips about how to avoid the situations you dread the most.

You do not have to be a scared, helpless female in order to want to learn self defense. In fact, many women use the classes primarily as a way to stay fit, improve flexibility, and build confidence and self-awareness. After all, with any luck you will rarely or never need to use the more combative components of the training in a real-life situation. The true advantage in your daily life is that you have a regular class to attend, with like-minded people who share your enthusiasm. You can get fit while picking up practical skills, and depending on the kind of class you choose, you’re likely to get some philosophical education, as well. Most martial arts have a basis in ancient eastern thought, and learning about these concepts can help your practice be more well-rounded.

Self defense classes are not just for adult women, either. Teen girls and even children as young as seven can benefit from training in all the same ways that we can. Not only is it useful for young girls to have some skills to help get themselves out of potentially violent situations, the confidence and relaxation that self defense training gives them can help them in a variety of real-life contexts. If you take the class together with your daughter, for example, it can be a bonding point, as well — an important part of your lives that you share with each other.

There are gyms and martial arts studios worldwide that teach essential self defense techniques, both in traditional and modern styles. Most are happy to have people sit in on a class if they are not sure it’s for them, so there’s no harm in phoning up your local center and finding out when the next class is. If you like what you see, usually you can sign up immediately, and get ready to learn some self defense techniques for yourself.

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