Scared Of Flying? CBD May Be Your Answer

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Do you ever get to the gates at the airport and have this instance fear? You know what I mean, that horrendous pits in your stomach that makes you question every part of the journey ahead. But what if there is turbulence? Could it be dangerous? What happens if the plane engine fails?

It’s not uncommon to be scared of flying. More often than not they will be many others like you on your flight worrying about the same thing. Because let’s be honest, it’s really rare for an aeroplane to suffer structural damage from rough air and although the thought of the film Destination’s horrific aeroplane scene may disturb you 19 years later, it’s still a thought that crosses you mind at least twice before your flight.

Flying invoke fear and many people for many different reasons. Some are scared because of turbulence the feeling of falling while others are afraid of crashing. But whatever the reason maybe unless you intend never travel and see the world, you have to see past it and find ways to settle these notes in order to do so.

Flying if you’re unaware remains the safest modes of transport. For that reason alone if you’re scared of flying you shouldn’t be. One in 10 of us has a phobia of flying, and it’s not the flying that’s a problem but the prospect of plummeting to our deaths. The United States Department of transportation has shared a load of statistics of death of a motor transport in 2017, and although they are obviously concerned with vitality stateside, we can take some solace from them over here. The report in 2017 found there is a one in 9,821 chances of dying in the air – make it one of the safest mode of transport. Into thousand and 15 around 848.1 million people flew to and from the US, and there were 444 aviation related deaths. That’s a pretty good margin if you think comparing it to other modes of transport. Car crashes are relatively common but the chance of dying in them out. Drivers have a one in 114 chance of dying in them, and there is a one in 654 chance of dying as a passenger.

Minus a slight morbid discussion about death, being a nervous flyer happens to the best of us, did you know that you can use alternative methods to the one suggested previously to ease your fear?

CBD, or cannabidiol as it’s also known as, Is a compound found in cannabis that doesn’t get you high. So it doesn’t send you to Cloudnine it can help is everything from stress to easing inflamed muscles and pain. But whilst there isn’t much research to back it off scientifically, everyone is jumping onto the CBD cloud and using it in their daily lifestyles to relieve a host of health and medical ailments.

CBD has been known to calm the nerves and relax people, which especially helps in situations like flying. A study in CBD publication Remedy Review, found that nearly 58% of women and 47% of men or anxious about flying. I don’t 33% of respondents in the study said turbulence of the most anxiety inducing issue, followed by delays (25%) and Transport Security Lines 18%. [source:]

With such high numbers of anxiety over flying quite surprising to read that only 4% of these readers claimed to have used CBD to ease their travel worries.

We all know that CBD doesn’t give you a high because there is no THC within. Using CBD for your flying anxiety can help as a way to reduce stress. The great thing about CBD is that you can carry it in any way imaginable – some use CBD as an edible, others use it to their tea or others vape it. The options are endless.

Last there are many pros to taking cbd e liquid uk to reduce anxiety, there are a few things that you must notes. It’s always advised that you should check the rules and regulations of the country that you’re visiting in regards to the CBD laws. In America the TSA guidelines state, “ possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products, such as cannabidoil (CBD), is illegal under federal law. TSA offices are required to report any suspected violations of law, including possession of marijuana and cannabis infused products.”

Currently it remains on clear whether passages can carry cannabis based medicines with them, and travellers are advised to contact their airline before travelling. If travelling within the UK then the same laws would apply for departing and arrival destination. However, although now legal in the UK and the restrictions are slightly different here, if you travel further afield for example to New Zealand and Australia, the rules are very different.

Recently it was reported a woman was arrested at Disney World for carrying a prohibited substance – CBD oil, which was reportedly used to help with her arthritis pain. Medicine is taken onto a plane and not subject to the hundred millilitre liquid roll if your prescription at doctors note accompany them so this might change with the new UK law in place however nothing has been confirmed in stone yet.

Following the announcement of specialist doctors could apply for a license prescribed cannabis based medicines, Home Secretary Sajid Javid said “ this will help patients with an exceptional clinical need but is no way a first step to the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use. The Advisory Council of the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) Will be conducting a long term review of cannabis and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has been commissioned to provide advice for clinicians by October (2019) next year.”

Make sure you check with your airline provider before travelling with CBD and the laws of the country you wish to visit.

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