Scaling and Cleaning Treatment in Bentleigh

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A scale and clean related to the teeth cleaning service is undertaken by a dentist for removing plaque and tartar or calculus deposits on the teeth that have been built up over time. It is one of the most routine procedures at dentist Bentleigh. Hence, if you want to avoid unnecessary dental bills, a regular scale and clean of your teeth are necessary. A number of studies have shown that a regular maintenance of oral health care helps in the maintenance of your overall body health. It also helps in the prevention of the exacerbation of conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and many other complications related to pregnancy. Have you ever wondered why do you need a regular scale and clean? Your teeth come under the attack of the starch and sugars released from the food, every time you eat. These sugars come in contact with the bacteria and other pathogens that live in our mouth to bind together and create a plague. They are responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities. As per the expert dentist Bentleigh, every individual should make it a point to clean their teeth in every six months. You may also need it to be performed more often as per the condition of your teeth. Generally, your scale and clean visit is a matter of one-hour appointment. It is a painless procedure. If you feel discomfort or pain during the treatment procedure, you can let your dentist or hygienist know it straight away. The highly qualified dentist Bentleigh follows the procedures mentioned below:
  • In order to lose the large areas of tartar, the dentist Bentleigh uses an ultrasonic device that emits vibration. After that, the cooling mist is sprayed over the debris to wash it away.
  • In the case of heavily strained teeth, dentist Bentleigh gives an ‘air abrasion’, which helps in teeth whitening.
  • The dentist uses a number of hand tools for cleaning the remaining deposits. This also helps in scraping and smoothing the teeth surface. This is done after the mechanical cleaning of your teeth.
  • The expert dentist Bentleigh gives a good polish to your teeth for achieving a shining smile.
Your dentist may also make the use of fluoride as it is a wonderful chemical that helps in re-mineralising and protecting your teeth. It also helps in fighting your tooth decay.

You may need scale and clean, if:

  • Calculus, tartar, or plaque deposited on your teeth that is not possible to remove by daily brushing and flossing.
  • You smoke a lot and your teeth are stained from it.
  • You have got the stained teeth because of taking red wine, tea, or coffee in an excess amount.
  • You just want to take preventive measures to maintain your oral health.

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