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Aging is a natural biological process that brings numerous changes to our body. Although this is what all of us are expecting, many are not ready for it. They neglect the thought that one day, they will become weak and dependant from others, and carry out daily activities with difficulty.

The musculoskeletal system suffers most from the effects of aging. The spinal cord becomes less mobile, and moves are limited due to the ossification process. Our body starts to bend and curve. That’s why the elderly are usually hunched over, which makes them shorter than at a young age.

The bones no longer absorb enough calcium and become brittle. Some mistakes from a young age, such as too much sitting and too little physical activity, begin to cause distorted spinal column or back pain. The muscles lose their tone and shape. These are just some of the consequences of aging, and you can read about others here.

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Care

Many consider low back pain as a symptom of aging. But not every spinal condition needs to hurt and cause discomfort. If we respond to painful sensations on time, there is a good chance that it will prevent, or at least slow down the development of some diseases.

In older patients, chiropractic has proven to be successful in treating the causes of pain rather than the consequences. Unpleasant feelings usually occur after muscle inclination or compression of vertebrae. Due to the faulty transmission of nerve signals through the spine, many older people experience pain and tingling in the limbs.

Chiropractic methods decompress and encourage the body to self-heal. With skilled arm movements, chiropractors resolve the tension in the lumbar region, but also headaches, impaired mobility, lumbago, spinal disc herniation, and numerous other musculoskeletal disorders in seniors.

Safety of Chiropractic Care for Seniors

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The spine is the support of the whole body, but discs between the vertebrae provide mobility. As they slowly deteriorate because of aging, our movements become limited. Without them and the surrounding muscles, a spinal cord could not respond to the function intended for it. If this part of the spine is damaged, some degenerative changes can occur. And pain is a clear symptom that something bad is happening.

Visiting a chiropractic care expert should be the first-line treatment for any back pain. Because older people’s bones are brittle and weak, their pain tolerance is lower. So chiropractors need to be gentle, even when performing energetic arm movements. The pressure to the painful spot has to be lower. The point of this treatment is to hit the right place, not to press hard and cause more harm than good.

On the link below, read why there’s almost no risk with chiropractic care:

When older patients regain mobility, improved balance and safety in their movements, the quality of their lives improves significantly. Aging maybe makes them unable to do things they did at a younger age, but with proper prevention and treatments like chiropractic care, seniors can stay healthy and vital.

When Not to Visit Chiropractor

Regular visits to the chiropractor can bring numerous benefits for the complete health of the elderly. Unlike analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, these treatments don’t mask symptoms but actually treat them. There are generally no obstacles to the implementation of chiropractic care. But if a senior patient suffers some conditions non-related to the spine, a reputable chiropractor in Rockville doesn’t recommend this type of therapy.

It primarily refers to elderly suffering severe inflammatory processes (rheumatoid arthritis), bleeding disorders, or any disease marked as ‘red flag’ – tumors, severe osteoporosis, open fractures, and inborn deformities. In these situations, the chiropractor has no required skills to solve the problem, or the initial condition is out of their expertise.

Most doctors don’t treat spinal problems but only consequences. Therapies consisting of numerous medications just to alleviate the pain usually don’t bring results. Sometimes they recommend surgery, but because of poorer health in senior patients, they try to avoid it. So medical experts can suggest chiropractic treatments as non-invasive and safe methods of healing. These can be used as an addition to conventional medicine or as an alternative to medication and surgery.

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