Robotic Surgery: A Game Changer in Reducing Scarring and Shortening Recovery Time After Gynecological Surgery

Robotic surgery

Fear of a surgeon accidentally injuring your surrounding tissues or organs during surgery is one of the most common worries a woman has during a gynecological procedure. This intense emotion is gradually becoming a thing of the past, thanks to robotic surgeries. Your Summerlin robotic gynecological surgeon, Dr. Swainston, specializes in robot-assisted gynecological surgeries, such as a myomectomy. This state-of-the-art procedure has several advantages including no scars, less pain, and no downtime.

Some of the specialized robotic surgeries Dr. Swainston’s team deals with include:


Has your gynecologist ever advised that the only way to save your life was to remove your uterus? A gynecological surgeon will recommend the surgical procedure as a last resort where all other treatment options have failed.  Hysterectomy can be:

  •         Total hysterectomy. The procedure will prompt your doctor to remove both your uterus and your cervix.
  •         Partial or supracervical hysterectomy. In this procedure, your surgeon removes your uterus but does not interfere with your cervix.
  •         Radical hysterectomy. Mostly a solution in the presence of cancerous cells, your doctor will be forced to remove your uterus, tissues on either side of the uterus, your cervix and your vagina’s top parts.

There are various ways gynecological surgeons will use to perform a hysterectomy. However, Dr. Swainston and his team will perform the same procedure through tiny laparoscopic incisions in your abdomen.


Endometriosis is one of the most painful gynecological disorders in a woman’s life. Having the condition means that your endometrium, or uterine tissues, abnormally grows anywhere in your abdominal cavity. The abnormally placed endometrium acts like your uterine endometrium. During your menstrual cycle, the lining thickens, breaks down, and sheds. However, the shedding tissues do not have an exit plan. They end up affecting the surrounding tissues, resulting in adhesions and tissue scarring. Endometriosis is very painful, especially during your periods and your doctor will recommend you contact him to help you manage your symptoms.

Though it is a difficult illness to manage, early diagnosis by a professional will help with treatment. At Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, the experts have devised robotic-assisted surgeries to help their patients manage endometriosis’ symptoms. These treatment options include:

  •         Fulguration of endometrial implants. This procedure allows your doctor to use electrical energy.
  •         Robotic-assisted resection of endometrial implants. This treatment option removes implants detached from your abdominal structures.
  •         Extensive lysis of adhesions. The procedure involves destroying endometriosis-caused scars on your abdomen.


Though no one knows what causes fibroids, these non-cancerous growths in your uterus will likely affect you in your child-bearing years. However, factors like genetics and hormonal changes contribute to the growth of these cells. Fibroids can either be small and undetectable or large and disruptive, depending on their size and symptoms.

Your specialist will devise a plan for your fibroids depending on your symptom’s severity. Ranging from monitoring the fibroid’s growth to surgery, an expert gynecologist will recommend a treatment option that best suits your needs.

Robot-assisted treatment is one of the options your gynecologist will recommend. Unlike traditional surgeries, which involve large incisions, a robotic-assisted procedure in fibroids removal uses laparoscopic incisions.

Nothing reminds you of surgery like a scar, no matter how small it might be. Thanks to robotic-assisted surgeries, you will not have to stare at your scar and remember the ordeal you went through with your surgeon. Contact the professionals or book an appointment today for more information about laparoscopic surgeries.

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