Riding A Bike To Work Pays Off In More Ways Than One

biking to work

When it comes to biking to work, the US is light years behind the rest of the world. Just over 0.5% of US workers used their bicycle as their primary method for commuting to work in 2012. In comparison, 25% of all workers in the Netherlands ride their bike to work on a daily basis. Riding a bike to work isn’t a practical mode of transportation for all Americans, but those who have the ability to do so stand to gain quite a bit.

California is one of the most bicycle friendly states in the union. In fact, California cities hold the top three spots on the annual government list that ranks the percentage of workers that bike to work. Bicycle commuters in San Diego not only enjoy an excellent exercise opportunity; they enjoy happier trips to their San Diego banks well. The numbers are in, and banking to work saves commuters big bucks.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The average American spends somewhere in the area of $2,000 a year on gas. If time is more valuable than money, consider the fact that Americans spend almost forty hours a year stuck in traffic on average. Traffic isn’t just an annoyance; it burns an excessive amount of gas and leads to vehicle wear and tear and pricey repairs. Road traffic is trending upwards, as a healthier economy leads to more cars on the road and more congestion. On average, workers in the US can save upwards of $2,000 dollars a year by biking to work on a daily basis, with that number fluctuating depending on location. Even biking to work once or twice a week offers financial benefits.

The Fringe Financial Benefits from Riding a Bike to Work

The average American now spends somewhere in the area of $1,000 a year on coffee alone. Individuals that drive to work are far more likely to stop at a convenience store or drive-thru for impulse purchases—purchases that adds up to quite a bit of money. Stopping for expensive coffee drinks or fast food is usually not a realistic option for bicycle commuters, saving them both money and calories.

Employees that Bike to Work Save Employers Money

Over two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Overweight employees cost companies more than 40% in additional medical related expenses, contribute to a massive decline in overall productivity, and are six times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims. The health benefits associated with biking are a welcome boon to any corporations business banking accounts.

Biking to work saves money for drivers of all vehicles, whether they have a gas guzzling SUV or a fuel sipping hybrid. More and more cities are adding bike paths and bike lanes to make their city as bike friendly as possible. While safety fears are a common reason for individuals to opt against biking to work, wearing a helmet and practicing defensive biking greatly reduces the already slim chances of being involved in an accident. Commuting via bicycle is a simple, health boosting way to save money during a still difficult economy. Biking benefits employees and employers alike; best of all, it is often fun!

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