Renting A Self Storage Unit? Here Is How To Prepare Your Possessions

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Using self storage can be a good alternative in numerous situations. Whether you are looking to store your possessions for a short period of time or a longer period of time a storage unit works for all your needs. While your possessions will be safe there, there are some precautions that you need to take yourself. You want to make sure that your items won’t be damaged while you are transporting them and they need to be packed correctly. Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind.

Select the items that you want to store

You should start with a selection process. Not all items should be stored away. Look through your possessions and see if you can throw any of them away. In addition to that, there might be certain items that are too fragile to be stored in a storage unit, so you will need to find another solution for them.

Place those items aside. If you can, it is also recommended that you make an inventory of all the things that will be stored. This way nothing will get lost and you can be sure that you will get all your items back when you take them from the storage unit.

Find the right storage unit

Once you know which possessions you want to store, it is time to find the perfect self-storage unit for them. You should find plenty of options online such as  self storage Santa Ana. You need to choose the right size for the unit so that you can fit everything there. Before you choose a certain storage facility make sure that you have read their rules. In some cases, some items might not be allowed.

Make sure there are no dirty items

We know that it is hard to clean everything, but this is for the best. Don’t pack dirty things as they will only get dirtier while they are stored away. Worse than that, you might find out that they have stained other items as well.

Use labels

When you start packing don’t rush things. Try to place similar items in the same boxes. When you are done make sure that you label all boxes. While this might not seem necessary now, it will help you in the future. More than that, if you label boxes as fragile it will be easier to keep them safe while they are moved around. It is also recommended that you don’t overload the boxes.

Extra protection for fragile items

When you pack delicate objects you need to be extra careful. A simple cardboard box is definitely not enough. Make sure that you add bubble wrap and pack each item individually.


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