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Simple gatherings that are gaining popularity are wine tasting parties. They are not only fun, but educational and economical. All you need is a few friends, a few bottles of vino, and some snacks. You and your friends can have a tasting in the comfort of your living room, at one of the many wine bars around town, or at a local wine tasting event. However, whether hosting or attending a wine tasting, there are a few things to know.

Just A Little Bit

A wine tasting is just that — a tasting. In other words, unless you have a very low tolerance for alcohol, you should not be inebriated by the end. That is because each participant receives only a good gulp’s worth of each wine. You only need enough to smell and coat the palate. With about six different varieties to sample, you end up consuming a total of about one and a half glasses worth.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Ideally, during a wine tasting you will be sampling six different varieties: Two white, two blush, and two red wines. Usually one of each is a bit lighter and/or sweeter than the other. There are so many types of wine available on the market today. Having this kind of variety allows attendees an opportunity to expand the types of wines they will potentially consume.

Snack Time

Just like the wine, food is served in sample sizes at a wine tasting. Some of the usual munchies of choice include an assortment of crackers, berries, cheeses, and chocolates. Additionally, depending in where you go, you might also find lighter dishes such as shrimp cocktail, skewered chicken pieces, or veggie quiche. Different foods have been found to enhance or be enhanced by different wines. The snacks are just to give ideas for what wines work best with what foods.

Wallet-friendly Entertainment

If you attend a wine tasting at a local wine bar, winery, or event, you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 – $10 per person. Depending on where you go this price may or may not include the food. A bonus to take advantage of at one of these options is many times the wine that is being sampled is also available for purchase at a discounted price. If you host a wine tasting at home, your expenses will be around $50-$60 for the appetizers. If you have a wine expert or consultant at your gathering, they will usually bring the wine with them. If you do not have a consultant, then you can have each guest (or six of them) bring a different bottle.

All in all, a wine tasting party is a great way to have a relaxed evening with a few of your favorite people while expanding your experience with wine. It’s fun, easy, and economical. Guests usually share suggestions, ideas, tips, opinions, and a lot of laughs. So, the next time you are looking for something different to do, grab some snacks, a few friends, and a few bottles of wine.

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