Regeneration of Tissues using Platelet-Rich Fibrin Therapy

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Accidents are the major causes of musculoskeletal tissue injuries. However, these body tissues are soft and fragile, hence they get damaged easily. There is a need for you to visit a doctor for treatment and pain management. Some of these musculoskeletal tissues may be damaged to an extent they cannot be treated. Platelet-rich fibrin therapy is a new medical technique that accelerates your tissue recovery. Doctors concentrate on the growth factors of the damaged tissues for tissue regeneration. Sunnyvale PRF is a healthcare facility that treats damaged tissues through platelet-rich fibrin. The following paragraph explains how PRF is done in different health disciplines.

How platelet-rich fibrin is used in dental services and bone treatment?

Every patient requires the very best from the physician during treatment. PRF plays an essential role during maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, periodontal services, and post-extraction dental services. The doctor draws blood from the patient prior to the day of treatment. The doctor then passes your blood through a centrifuge to separate fibrin from the red blood cells. Another procedure is done to concentrate platelets that contain the growth factors. During your treatment day, the physician will apply the platelet-rich fibrin to the treated area, for example, a surgical wound. The PRF will accelerate the healing process and regenerate your damaged tissues. For persons with high blood clotting capability, platelet-rich fibrin therapy is not suitable for them.

A century ago, bone grafting was the only option during the treatment of internal bone defects. Due to the growth of technology and increased research, intra bone defects can be managed entirely and treated through platelet-rich fibrin therapy. Some procedures explained above are done, but the application is quite different. The sample with concentrated growth factors is injected into the grafted bone. Platelet-rich fibrin enhances the regeneration of bone tissues and elevates the healing process. In some cases, the doctor can combine platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma to facilitate bone marrows’ regeneration and lubrication liquid in bone joints. Below are the importance’s of platelet-rich fibrin therapy during treatment.

The major importance of performing platelet-rich fibrin during treatment

Performing the best treatment services to a patient that will enable the patient to recover quickly is the main doctor’s objective. They include:

  •   Platelet-rich fibrin accelerates healing enabling the patient’s resume to work as soon as possible after treatment.
  •   The procedure reduces the need for using much medication and anti-inflammatories that involves dental surgery
  •   The technique lowers the risk of infections that may occur after dental services like gum surgery.
  •   PRF therapy is free from disease transmission. This is because the blood to be used during your treatment is harvested in your own body.

The way medical procedures were done a century ago is not the same way activities are done today. However, the main objective of technology growth and research is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of medical services. Platelet-rich fibrin is a new treatment method that involves the regeneration of damaged tissues and increases the healing process. PRF reduces risks of disease transmission and also enhances quick recovery. For more information concerning platelet-rich fibrin therapy and treatment, consult Perio & Implant Centers of Monterey Bay in Silicon Valley.

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