Reformer Pilates What Is It? And Is It For You?


What Is Pilates?

By now, we’ve probably all heard of Yoga. Yoga is a sacred tradition that spawned in India some 5,000+ years ago. On the other hand, pilates has only been with us for about 100 years thanks to creator Joseph Pilates.

Whilst they share a lot of similarities, they have one key difference:

Yoga is used for improving flexibility – in your muscles and joints. In contrast, Pilates focuses on relaxing tense muscles and builds strength.

Whilst they’re both excellent forms of exercise, you may find that one of them will suit you more than the other – depending on your fitness needs!

Is Pilates Even For Me?

Pilates involves core exercises that can help flatten and tone your midsection. They can also stabilise and help support your back. If these sound like goals you’d like to achieve, then Pilates may be for you.

It’s fair to say that Pilates is a bit more ‘new-age’. However, connectedness and breath-control are still essential, much like in Yoga. Unlike Yoga, though, Pilates has the option to do more than just mat-based work.

Most Pilates classes incorporate equipment that’s designed to ‘turn on’ muscles. For this reason, Pilates is also great as a rehabilitation tool. Physical therapists even widely use it.

Maybe you’re worried about your figure? Or you could be trying to rehabilitate from an injury. Even if you’re just looking for a new way to exercise – reformer pilates might be for you!

How Is Reformer Pilates Different?

We mentioned that Pilates uses machines. You may well see things like a Cadillac (like a jungle gym) or spine corrector (like a footrest) in your studio. A lot of Pilates equipment utilises a pulley system with springs for resistance.

Joseph Pilates invented the reformer in the 1920s. It’s a bed-like frame with a flat platform that rolls back and forth on wheels (the carriage). The reformer helps the body flow and gain strength, stability, and fluidity.

You’ll find yourself pushing, twisting, and pulling. It’s quite the workout! There’s something soothing, though, about the fluid, rhythmic movements of the reformer.

Reformer Pilates is sure to work out your body’s ‘powerhouse’. It will hit your abs, lower back, hips, and glutes in an integrated workout. The focus on correct muscle alignment can also help with balance.

Unlike matt-based Pilates, you can adjust the resistance either up or down, depending on your level. Either way, it’s perfect for a no-impact workout.

So you might be wondering at this point, is reformer Pilates for me?

Is Reformer Pilates For Me?

Reformer Pilates can seem a bit intimidating at first. With all the springs, ropes, pulleys and the sliding carriage, it’s a lot to take in. This probably isn’t a piece of kit you’re going to have at home, so you’ll need to choose a good Pilates instructor.

For anyone recovering from an injury, however, it’s fantastic! The fact that movements are isolated also means that there’s little to no impact (so it’s excellent for your joints, as well)!

A reformer can be adjusted to anyone, of any shape and size. It’s great for those who have already done mat Pilates and want to learn to isolate muscles. Equally, it’s great for newcomers who want to understand how to engage their core.

With endorsements from the likes of Elle MacPherson and Margot Robbie, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular!

The only people it’s not recommended for are those who can’t be lying down for long periods at a time. These include women in their third trimester and those with spinal injuries.

Pilates Classes Near Me

Pilates might not look like it’s burning a ton of calories or breaking a sweat. However, you’d be dead wrong. Pilates can increase your metabolism and ensure greater resistance to metabolic disorders. Plus, you’re bound to get some lean muscles!

Don’t hold your breath – literally or figuratively! If you want to get into reformer pilates today why not find an expert movement therapist in your area? Perhaps one who offers 1 to 1 classes and tailor-made plans?

Daniela Colognesi, of La Dolce Studio, runs a happy and inviting space for women of all ages. Go and get stronger, healthier, and back in control of your body today!

Written by Harry Patté-Dobbs, a content writing and PR newbie! He’s written for blogs, news, and media outlets and loves films, food, and wellness. You can usually find him either reading or writing.

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