Reducing the Belly Fat

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Belly fat is one of the most common botheration affecting both women and men. Slowly and steadily as age catches up, flab accumulates in different parts of the body; around the belly it seems very embarrassing, as it gives one an aged appearance. While dietary habits and lifestyle are both responsible for a pot-belly in both men and women, pregnancy and childbirth is the number one reason for this condition in women.

Today, with liposuction being the easy option, many women don’t hesitate going under the knife. Many conscious men too opt for the above. However, before going under the knife, let’s explore the causes and other easy options available that are both easy on the purse and the psyche.

Belly-fat is common even in children as young as 11 and 12, thanks to television and video games. Children lead very sedentary lives, being stuck to the couch. This couch-potato habit prevents them from participating in active sports. Another culprit is food that’s consumed which is rich in fat.

In women, belly-fat appears usually after childbirth. Although today with post-natal care available, women have it easy. In men, usually a pot-belly is the result of sedentary lifestyle and consuming beer, post dinner.

Following are some simple exercises when practiced regularly do reduce belly fat.

1. This can be practiced by men, women and children. Lie down flat with your arms tucked beneath your head. Breathe in and breathe out deeply. Slowly with your legs still resting on the floor, raise your head. While doing so, you will tighten your tummy. This squeezing of the tummy is known to reduce flabbiness. This simple exercise can be performed every morning on an empty stomach.

2. Another equally effective exercise that tones the calf-muscles is similar. Lie down on the floor. Slowly raise one leg to form a right angle with your torso. Slowly bring it down and try with the other leg. Repeat with both legs at least 20 times. Initially, you will find it a bit tedious especially if you’re weighty. But with time you’ll get used to it. As said, this reduces fat on the legs too.

3. Lie down on the floor, but this time place your legs on a high stool or bedstead. Raise your torso from the hips. You can do this by using your elbows as support on the floor or by placing them beneath your head. Both the legs will be comfortably placed on the chair.

4. Yoga practitioners vouch for this one. Lie on your stomach, with your palms holding your chin. Slowly raise your legs from knees, without raising your hips; your thighs will be pressed to the floor. Here only both legs will be performing the swinging action. The tummy is inadvertently exercised. The butt gets shaped too! The only caveat is that if practiced suddenly without prior exposure to exercise, it may result in back pain, especially if you are bulky.

5. Another popular workout which men practice in gymnasiums is a ‘sit-up’. Lie on your stomach and face down. Press your palms on the floor and raise your entire body a few centimeters above floor level. Bring it down and repeat. This not only tones belly-flab, but also tones the flab on the legs, thighs and buttocks.

Lastly, standing and walking erect with the tummy tucked in helps a lot. Not only does it churns tummy muscles, but also lends a personality that exudes confidence!

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