Rebounder Trampoline-Bounce for Health and Longevity


Do you want to have some fun while at the same time getting a fantastic workout? If yes, you need to make rebounding a big part of your fitness routine. Working out on a trampoline is both an effective and convenient way to stay fit. As long as you have a small space and a rebounder, there a lot of exercises you can do to target your specific muscles. You can also work out on a rebounder trampoline just to enhance your cardiovascular function. It is a unique workout procedure that uses both acceleration and deceleration to reach all the cells of your body.

The three main types of bounce are

  1. Feet wide: bouncing with your feet still in contact with the mat
  2. Lifting the heels: slightly keeping the toes in contact with the mat
  3. Lifting the feet: this includes lifting the feet off the trampoline about 1 or 2 inches

There are several actions that happen when you jump on a trampoline. The first thing that happens is that you bounce up. Then you are in an instant of weightless pause at the top before you decelerate back into the mat.

Three Types of Exercises to Do on a Rebounder Trampoline

  1. Aerobic bouncing: this is an active workout that involves jumping, dancing, twisting, jumping on one leg and you can also incorporate any other fun moves you can think of. Your blood will flow with these high-intensity aerobic exercises.
  2. The health bounce exercise: this involves gently bouncing up and down on a rebounder trampoline without lifting your feet off the mat. It is a low-impact workout but very effective to improve the flow of your lymphatic system. You can do it for an hour or so while watching a movie
  3. The strength bounce exercise: as you jump as high as you can, you improve your balance and strengthen your muscles. It is the most difficult type of workout so ensure you start with the other low-impact ones.

Health Benefits

The main benefit is that it enhances digestion and therefore you will feel less bloated. It is also an effective way to help your body get rid of toxins. The workout makes you have a strong metabolism and therefore you burn calories each day.

Lowering your cholesterol levels is important if you want to lose weight. High cholesterol levels and increased weight gain often go hand in hand. It also reduces cellulite which is often caused by a stagnant lymph system. Rebounding increases the lymphatic flow in your body and thus reduces cellulite. Women can see the results just after a few weeks of working out.

Rebounding is a metabolic supporting exercise. This is vital as far as weight loss is concerned because it allows you to breathe comfortably as you workout out.

It also helps prevent emotional eating. Feel good hormones are stimulated when you exercise. This regulates your mood and it has a direct impact on people who eat when they are annoyed.

It also helps you maintain stable blood sugar. Regular workout on a trampoline can lower your blood sugar level and this in effect improves the work of your insulin. If you already have type 2 diabetes, the workout can help you manage it. It also tightens your tummy as you do various moves such as twisting, jumping, and dancing.

The domino effect of rebounding is something that has been appreciated by many. When you do some rebounding just after waking up in the morning, you are likely to make healthy choices during the day. Besides, it is easy and portable and so you can carry it wherever you go. You can use it inside or outside the house even when the weather is unfavorable. This increases your regularity with your workout schedule.

Medical Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory effects: Rebounding is an efficient way to stimulate your lymphatic drainage.
  • Increases self-confidence: the workout can help you feel better about yourself. Research has proved that this simple act of jumping has the ability to make you believe that you look better.
  • Fortifies the heart: heart-related illness is the number one cause of deaths in the United States. Thus, it is vital to pay attention to your heart’s health.
  • Oxygen circulation: every tissue in your body needs a sufficient supply of oxygen in order to work properly. If the cells and tissue do not get enough supply of oxygen, this can have a negative impact on the kidneys, brain, and
  • Aids lymphatic circulation: the blood and lymphatic fluid levels need to be balanced. As such, the lymphatic system works together with the cardiovascular system. This enables effective flushing out of toxins from the body. Your immune cells also become stronger to create defense mechanisms against infections.
  • Increases lung capacity: people who have suffered from lung diseases for a long time may experience weaken lung capacity over time. Lung capacity is the maximum amount of oxygen that is used by the body. This is an important step in transporting oxygen to your cells.
  • Lowers blood pressure: your muscles contract during rebounding. This has good results as it causes a regular compression of veins and arteries. Fluids easily move through the body and back which aids in peripheral blood
  • Increases endurance: if you jump on a trampoline for about 20 minutes at a moderate level of intensity a few times a week, your mitochondrion increases. This is important in terms of your overall endurance

There are various health and medical benefits associated with a regular workout routine. As science progresses, health experts are now recommending forms of exercises that are not so intensive and can cause trauma to certain important parts of the body and joints. Rebounding is a low-impact type of exercise that is safe and very effective in weight loss. It can also be done by the aged ones to improve memory and increase balance among the sick.

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